Android vs iOS: Which Should You Choose?

There are two operating systems that smartphones operate. Apple is the company that almost half of its income comes from their iPhone devices. Samsung, LG, OnePlus, and other phone companies use the Android system and some of them have their own version of Android. While the operating system is something that doesn’t play a big role in the customer’s decision about which phone they’re going to buy, it still makes a difference. In fact, getting the latest update on your Android or iOS device is something that customers should take into consideration if they want their smartphone to run smoothly.

Differences between Android and iOS

Android or iOS, it’s all a matter of choice. Both systems are regularly updated and smartphone users can either opt for manual flashing or the automatic update when they receive the notification on their smartphone. Indeed, games like roulette slots on are already available to download from the App Store and Play Store on your smartphone device. It means that you won’t lose much if you chose one instead of the other, however, the differences are still there.

 iOS devices are known for the high level of stability, which is free of bugs, and allows customers to have a pleasant experience using their iPhone devices. Android systems, on the other hand, offer more possibilities that the casual user might need. Depending on the customer’s needs, here are some noticeable differences between the two systems, which one you should choose, and why.

Why Choose iOS?

Software updates is what makes the biggest difference between Android and iOS devices. iOS users get notified about the latest software update the moment it becomes available for all users. All iPhone users get the system updated at the same time. On the other hand, not all Android smartphones get their software update the moment it is released.

Whether you will be some of the first users to receive it or not depends on the smartphone’s brand. Bloatware is another factor to consider in the battle between Android and iOS smartphones. iPhone devices come with no preinstalled apps that occupy a large part of your storage. Android systems are known for covering a lot of space before the customer has even started using the smartphone.

Why Choose Android?

Surely, there are reasons why people opt for Android smartphones rather than iOS devices. In fact, Android phones are highly customizable, and the system offers a lot of personalization opportunities. From home widgets to the screen launcher, users have the option to optimize their smartphone use according to their needs.

The Android system always allows you to choose which app you will use to open a file, the pre-installed app or the third-party app downloaded from the Play Store, no matter if it’s a media player, a keyboard, or a web browser. Last but not least, most of the Android phones give users some extra capacity features, and customers can insert a microSD card to expand the storage on their smartphone. No matter which phone you decide to buy, it’s important to evaluate your needs so that your smartphone will suit your daily needs, whether you need only a calling and texting device or all-in-one device that will perform all kinds of things on a daily basis.

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