Win a Blu-ray Boxed Set of Season One of NOS4A2

Media Mikes has teamed up with their friends at RLJ Entertainment and AMC to give one lucky reader the opportunity to win a Blu-ray boxed set of Season One of the hit AMC television program NOS4A2.

All you have to do is let us know below the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on television. Was it SALEM’S LOT? IT? The presidential debates? One random entry will be chosen and that person will receive a boxed set of the first season of NOS4A2 on Blu-ray. The contest ends on Sunday, November 10th (Roy Scheider’s birthday) at 10:00 pm CST. Winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

5 Replies to “Win a Blu-ray Boxed Set of Season One of NOS4A2”

  1. The Day After – I was a senior in high school and lived in MY, but mom was from KS & we still had family in KS. Scared me to death! Everyone at school was freaked out as well!!

  2. Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone. Know it’s a movie, but dang. Will not go climbing or near the edge of a cliff.

  3. The evening news… I was horrified to see the pictures of the highway attack on women and children in Mexico.

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