Film Review: “All I Wish”



Starring:  Sharon Stone, Tony Goldwyn and Ellen Burstyn

Directed by:  Susan Walter

Rated:  Not rated

Running time:  1 hrs 34 mins

Cinetel Films



Birthdays.  Every year it’s the one day where everyone treats you nice and you’re allowed to make a wish for your future.  But for Senna (Stone) those wishes never seem to come true.


The morning of her 46th birthday finds Senna in bed with a much younger man.  The phone rings, as it has for many years, as Senna’s mother (Burstyn) wants to be the first to wish her a happy birthday.  This will be the highpoint of her day.  A buyer for an upscale boutique, she angers the owner with her choices and is fired.  She then goes to her party, where she meets an attractive lawyer (Goldwyn) who has been invited to meet a woman by a mutual friend.  As he goes on about the blind dates known shortcomings, Senna soon realizes he was there to meet her.  They do part friendly but Senna’s day ends on a sad note.


For the next seven years, we drop in on Senna and her friends on this most special day.  We see that she has been able to grow some each year, though she still has a lot to wish for.  Love.  Success.  Making her mother happy.   Quite a list.


A very sweet romantic comedy, “All I Wish” is helped by it’s fine casting.  When most people think of Sharon Stone, they think of her as the tough broad from “Basic Instinct” and “Casino.”  But she is also a very gifted comedienne, and she brings that tough to her portrayal of Senna.  Goldwyn is also charming as the man who is in search of his soulmate.  He also gives the worse karaoke performance ever captured on film.  So bad, in fact, that it makes Cameron Diaz in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” sound like Cher.  And you can never go wrong when you have Ellen Burstyn in your cast.  Her appearances are brief but very welcome.


The script, from first time director Susan Walter, is strong and her direction keeps the film moving with very little slow spots.  A fine freshman debut.


“All I Wish” is currently in theatres and is also available on Video on Demand.,

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