Concert Review: Regina Spektor

07491_show_portrait_large1“Regina Spektor Tour 2016”

Regina Spektor
Friday, October 14th 2016
The State Theater, Ithaca, NY

Our Score: 4 out of 5 Stars

Singer/Songwriter Regina Spektor paid a visit to the historical State Theater in Ithaca, NY on Friday, October 14th where she performed to a sold out crowd. Spektor who is currently out on the road in support of her latest album “Remember Us To Life” put on a stellar performance which combined her unique performance style and emotionally fueled vocal styling’s which tugged at the inner most parts of the Ithacan crowds emotions.

After a four year hiatus it was great to finally not only hear new music from Regina Spektor but also be able to see her live and in such an intimate venue as the State Theater. With the theater at capacity Spektor and her band took the stage to a loud wave of applause and cheer. The singer quickly thanked the crowd and kicked off the night with “On the Radio” and “Better” both from her 2006 album “Begin to Hope”. As the set progressed Regina included several songs from her latest album “Remember Us to Life” including “Older Taller”, “Bleeding Heart” and, “Grand Hotel”. Spektor and company seemed to connect almost flawlessly with only a few minor errors coming during “Après Moi” which saw Spektor throw her head back and shake it in disapproval at her mistake though like a true professional she didn’t let the slip bother her and continued on with a bright smile on her face. A unique moment in the set occurred when a fan shouted out a request for the song “Sailor Song”. Spektor who stated “we never take requests” broke her rule due to the fact the band knew the song though she did apologize beforehand if there were any mess ups. The song went off without much of a hitch and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the bands willing to give the song a try and provide a special moment for the night’s crowd.

From start to finish the concert was a great experience. Regina’s voice sounded amazing and was a perfect fit to the classic theaters surroundings. Aside from her work on the “Orange is the New Black” theme song “You’ve Got Time” and a few other tracks I was only a casual listener of her works however after seeing her and her band perform live I have a much greater appreciation for her music and quickly found myself transforming into a fan. If you have the chance to catch Regina I strongly encourage you to do so. Not many artists are able to perform night after night at the level Regina does as she is able to connect with the listener on a number of different levels making for a really great concert/music listening experience.

Set List:
1.) On the Radio
2.) Better
3.) Tornadoland
4.) Bleeding Heart
5.) Older and Taller
6.) Grand Hotel
7.) Blue Lips
8.) Black and White
9.) Small Bill$
10.) Ballad of a Politician
11.) Après Moi
12.) You’ve Got Time
13.) The Trapper and the Furrier
14.) Sailor Song
15.) Obsolete
16.) The Light
17.) Seller of Flowers
18.) The Visit
19.) Us
20.) Fidelity
21.) Hotel Song
22.) Samson

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