Album Review: NOFX “First Ditch Effort”

fat953_cover_1000“First Ditch Effort”
Fat Wreck Chords
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Punk veterans Nofx are back with their first album in six years titled “First Ditch Effort”. The new album which is being released via Fat Wreck Chords features 13 tracks from the Nor-Cal punkers and is classic Nofx through and through with however with a tinge of maturity.

From thought provoking lyrics and tongue and cheek song tiles everything you have come to expect from Nofx is included on the band’s latest release “First Ditch Effort”. The album starts off with the 90 second screamer “6 Years on Dope” which features guitarist Eric Melvin on lead vocals. Thought this isn’t the first time Melvin has lent is voice to a NOFX track his voice sounds better than ever making wish he would sing on a few more tracks. Front man Fat Mike is no slouch either in the vocal department as he much like the rest of the band only seems to get better with age. Tracks like “California Drought” and “Generation Z” are perfect example of this as the both of these tracks show the bands cohesiveness. For listeners looking for a more somber moment in the record and/or something similar to what was found on the “Cokie the Clown” EP from 2009 check out the track “I’m So Sorry Tony” a heartfelt tribute to No Use For a Name front-man Tony Sly who passed away in 2012.

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes “First Ditch Effort” harkens back to the bands mid 90’s heyday but with a modern twist. Catchy sing along choruses and tales of aging and loss fuel the 13 tracks making up the album which is easily the bands strongest release since 1994’s “Punk In Drublic”

Track Listing:
1.) Six Years on Dope
2.) Happy Father’s Day
3.) Sid and Nancy
4.) California Drought
5.) Oxy Moronic
6.) I Don’t Like Me Anymore
7.) I’m a Transvest-lite
8.) Ditch Effort
9.) Dead Beat Mom
10.) Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
11.) It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom
12.) I’m So Sorry Tony
13.) Generation Z

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