CD Review: Anthrax “For All Kings”

5929725“For All Kings”
Megaforce/Nuclear Blast
Producer: Jay Ruston
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

NY thrash legends Anthrax are back with a brand new full length studio album titled “For All Kings”. The album which is the bands 11th studio release and the first to feature lead guitarist Jon Donais features 11 blistering tracks produced by veteran producer Jay Ruston. “For All Kings” is being released in the states via Megaforce Records and internationally via Nuclear Blast and is available in a variety of formats.

As soon as I hit play “For All Kings” dominated my speakers. The albums opening track “You Gotta Believe” features the bands same signature in your face riffing which cemented them as one of the pillars of the Big 4 of Thrash on the early 80’s while the genre was still developing. The opening track sets the stage perfectly for what is to come and is immediately followed by another great track titled “Monster at the Gate”. Catchy sing along choruses, thunderous drum fills and a blazing guitar solo by new comer Jon Donais made this easily one of my favorites. This is not Donais’s only shining moment as the addition of the former Shadows Fall guitarist seems to have taken the bands already aggressive thrash sound and infused it with some heavy metal virtuosity. If you don’t believe me check out tracks like “The Battle Chose Us” and “Zero Tolerance” they are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

If you are looking for heavy, the latest offering from Anthrax will certainly fulfill that need. Probably one of the bands most vicious sounding albums to date “For All Kings” is a near perfect testament from a band that has been waving the flag for heavy music since the early 80’s. Yes there were one or two tracks which for me personally missed the mark however the remaining 9/10 tracks easily outweigh anything negative and quickly pushed those short comings into the back of my mind. With such a solid release this early in 2016 Anthrax have certainly set the bar high.

Track Listing:
1.) You Gotta Believe
2.) Monster at the End
3.) For All Kings
4.) Breathing Lightning
5.) Suzerain
6.) Evil Twin
7.) Blood Eagle Wings
8.) Defend Avenge
9.) All of Them Thieves
10.) The Battle Chose Us
11.) Zero Tolerance

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