CD Review: Motor Sister “Ride”

MotorSister-RideMotor Sister
Metal Blade
Produced by: Jay Ruston
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Ride” is the debut offering from the newly formed rock group Motor Sister. The band which consists of Pearl Aday, Scott Ian, Jim Wilson, John Tempesta and Joey Vera came together after a one off performance by 90’s rock band Mother Superior for guitarist Scott Ian’s birthday party. All parties involved were huge fans of the original band and are now together breathing new life into some of the member’s favorite Mother Superior tracks. Veteran producer Jay Ruston grabbed the reigns acting as the icing on the cake doing what he does best. Coincidently Ruston’s r relationship with Mother Superior goes back to some of the bands earliest recordings which only adds to the story of this unique group.

Though there is no new material contained on “Ride”, the new versions of songs like “Beg Barrow Steal” and “Fork in the Road” blast our your speakers. While more subtle rock tracks like “Head Hang Low” and “Devil” provide an even mix to the albums straight forward rock and roll approach. “Ride” does a great job of showcasing the diversity of Mother Superiors catalog with new enthusiasm that transfers seamlessly to the listener. “Ride” is not just for rock fans as there is certainly something for everyone on this album

Track Listing:
This Song Reminds Me of You
Beg Barrow Steal
Fool Around
Get That Girl
Head Hanging Low
Fork in the Road
Little Motor Sister
Pretty in the Morning
Devil Wind

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