Dewar’s True Profiles: Giving Back to those who give so Much


Dewar’s, the worlds’ most recognized and awarded Blended Scotch whisky brand, is synonymous with quality and an innate sense of class. True to form, its innovative Live True campaign is set to be reprised after experiencing huge digital success a few years ago, when the brand looked to launch a series of videos profiling special individuals who have impacted positively on the lives of those around them. Whether this impact relates to the local community or locations further afield, the personalities featured in these videos have all pursued their passion and encouraged others to follow suit.




With this in mind it stands to reason that the individuals featured in these videos are extremely successful and diverse in their nature. Take the television personality Sal Masekela, for example, who has earned considerable plaudits for his role as the founder of the charitable organisation Stoked Mentoring. Using actions sports such as surfing and skateboarding as a catalyst for positive change in the outlooks of young people, it embodies the spirit of Dewar’s Live True campaign and the impact that driven individuals can have through innovation, determination and an ability to inspire others.

This is just one of many memorable profiles that the brand have shared, however, each of which tells a unique and touching narrative of how humanity and an interest in the lives of others can impact positively on almost every aspect of modern life.


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