What board/card games should you be playing this holiday season?

game of 49
By now, everyone’s done their Hot Holiday Gift Guide, booked their holiday parties, bought their trendy holiday outfits. But if you’re the host of your holiday party, what are you going to do to keep your guests entertained? In fact, what do you do during downtime in the ski lodge or just keeping your kids busy during their winter break? Let’s play some board games and card games — get away from screen time and let’s do some face-to-face time!

Everyone knows about the crazy popular game Cards Against Humanity, as well as POOP the Game, What the Food, and Game of Phones. We found out there’s actually a working mom behind many of these games, and her name is Shari Spiro. Shari is the founder and CEO of Ad Magic, the largest independent games printer in the US. Her company has printed more than 10 million customized card and board games that are unusual, fun, weird, racy, entertaining, educational, and (appropriate) fun for everyone at your holiday party, be it for adults, kids or the whole family!

This holiday, let’s have some good old-fashioned fun laughing, bonding, competing playing cards and boardgames!



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