Cavalera Conspiracy’s Iggor Cavalera talks about latest album “Pandemonium”

Pandemonium_Cover_(Cavalera_Conspiracy)“Pandemonium” is the latest release from the heavy metal band Cavalera Conspiracy.  Since the album’s release in October it has been garnering rave review amongst the music community. Media Mikes caught up with Iggor Cavalera recently to briefly discuss the albums creation, his working relationship with brother Max and the bands plans for 2015.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background on the group’s new album “Pandemonium”?
Iggor Cavalera: “Pandemonium” is a very raw record. I feel the new album really showcases Cavalera Conspiracy as a band and how we way are playing aggressive music these days. When it came to my drumming for the album I tried to keep things as minimal as possible. I sort of took the less is more approach.

AL: Can you tell us a little bit about yours and yours brother’s musical partnership and, With a two year gap in releases from the band do you think it will be hard to recapture fans attention due to the constant onslaught on new media?
IC: My brother Max and I have an incredible yet simple way of writing and performing music.It goes back to my previous comment about having that “less is more approach” to things. As far as regaining attention from our fans I don’t feel that is really a problem we have to worry about because our fans are very loyal. I don’t think they suceptable to being brainwashed by all the other types of media that our out there.

AL: Can you tell us what the bands immediate tour plans our as well as the bands plans going forward into the new year?
IC: Right now the plans are for us to start touring in the States sometime at the beginning of the year. Probably sometime in January or February. After that we will most likely be heading over to Europe for a number of the festival shows that take place there.

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