CD Review: A Sound Of Thunder “The Lesser Key Of Solomon”

lesserkey_coverA Sound Of Thunder
“Lesser Key Of Solomon”
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Tracks: 10
Running Time: 61 minutes
Label: Mad Neptune Records

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

I came across the heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder with their third album “Time’s Arrow”. From the moment, I started that album, I knew I was in love. Due to that, I was eagerly awaiting the release of their next album. Luckily, “The Lesser Key of Solomon” is easily their best work to date, though I have to admit, I wasn’t sold from the first listen. What I enjoyed about this album though and why I now love it, is how it grew on it. The more and more I listened this album, I felt like I was being slowly put under a spell. I listened to it for hours on end and it just gets better and better. I honestly thought it couldn’t get any better than “Time’s Arrow” and the band has once again proven me wrong. No question, my favorite album of the year to date!

“The Lesser Key Of Solomon” is not just a typical metal album though it can be summed up simply as a powerhouse. The tracks are catchy and extremely well-done. You can tell that these guys really love what they do because you can feel the blood and sweet ooze out of each track.  Leader singer Nina Osegueda really takes her talent to the next level with this new album. She is simply outstanding. The tracks are definitely some wicked heavy metal but I love that they are also mixed with a touch of power metal, classic rock, and progressive rock & metal as well. So you will find plenty of variety from the start to finish here. When you think you have figured out this album though, it turns a 180 and goes in a whole new direction and I really like that cause it keeps your ears at attention!

Compared to their last album, “Time’s Arrow”, this is definitely much more darker and most definitely heavier. I love the supernatural theme that is built around these tracks as well. Easily some of my favorite tracks are “Udoroth”, “Master of Pain” and “Elijah”. They are all very different and yet have this similar feeling to them like these could easily become instant classics.  I am not joking! Watch the video below for “Udoroth” and honestly tell me that you aren’t rocking out! Even though there are only ten tracks, this album adds up to a solid hour of music. The best way to listen to this I found is is definitely on repeat. I find that “The Lesser Key Of Solomon” really helps to move along a slow work day for sure. For if you are having a lagging day, kick this one and watch time fly!

If you are a member bands fan base known as the “Legion of Thunder” or just finding them for the first time, I recommend you kicking back and spread the word on this amazing piece of art. Also be sure to catch the band on the road this fall and support them since the fans are the reason why this album was completed. If it wasn’t for fans, I am sure the road to release would have been must more difficult for the band, thanks to a successful campaign on Kickstarter. I also just got word from Nina and guitarist Josh Schwartz  that the band is already in the studio working on new music for their next album. Yes! you heard right their next album! These guys are non-stop and I honestly can’t get enough. So keep rocking guys and I will look forward to catching a show this fall!

Track List:
Nexus Of Realities
Fortune Teller
The Boy Who Could Fly
Master Of Pain
Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
Black Secrets
One Empty Grave
House Of Bones

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