Virginia Madsen talks about her new film “Jake Squared”

220px-VirginiaMadsenSFIFF06_adjVirginia Madsen is known for her Academy Award nominated role in the film “Sideways”. Sci-Fi/Horror fans will know her from her roles in “Candyman”, “The Prophecy” and “Dune”. Her latest film is called “Jake Squared” and co-stars Elias Koteas and Mike Vogel.  The film will be released on August 15th in theaters in the U.S. and will also be available on VOD (iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Virginia about the film and what she has planned next.

Mike Gencarelli: How did it come about for you to get a role in “Jake Squared”?
Virginia Madsen: The director Howard and I have known each other since the 80’s. Our kids went to school together and they are in college [laughs]. So it was irresistible since we were finally able to all work together and it was great.

MG: What did you enjoy most about working on the film?
VM: I loved the story of our longtime friendship. Elias is one of the greatest actors in the world. We’ve worked together before – this was a chance for us to move our real life on screen. More difficult than doing it where your screaming and crying. We were longtime friends who always had a little vibe but we’ve never kissed before [laughs]. Elias is like my brother but he’s also really sexy and a great guy. So we asked Howard if we could not rehearse and we wanted the camera we had to catch that kiss, which would actually be our first kiss in all these years. I have to tell you it was really good [laughs]. I was very silly and giggly, it was very silly right before we went. We were going in for the kiss and it was really hard not to laugh. It was really weird “you’re my friend – but you’re also very hot” so you know and it was like I was kind of like we kissed for a lot longer than we needed to.

MG: I really enjoyed this film and I agree Elias was amazing.
VM: So glad you got to experience it. I think it can appeal to a wide audience but it is a wonderful indie film that has something for everyone. I also love that it’s going to be available everywhere. There was a time that if u did a indie film and you didn’t get that big release, your movie would disappear. It might show up in an old Blockbuster. Now it’s a whole different world for independent movies. Our film can now be seen worldwide in online.

MG: I also liked how the film switch from narrative to documentary style.jakesquared
VM: Yes, I really liked that because we’re just telling a story. That’s what we do we are story tellers, it was interesting to be able to speak directly to the audience and fill them in on whats going on. Really interesting device that he used, worked really well in the film.

MG: You have worked in many genres including drama, horror, sci-fi; which do you enjoy the most out of all those?
VM: Depends on the material, I like working on good films. But I do love the fantasy/horror/sci-fi genre because that’s like make believe – like when you dress up for Halloween. You feel like a little kid when your making a horror film and it’s really fun. It’s my passion, I’m so blessed to be able to have employment when most actors are out of work. Internet has been very big for me recently as well. Hats off to Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti on “House of Cards” since that changed everything and has opened the door for so much work. I am always very grateful for them.

MG: Going forward, anything to talk about?
VM: Well I have a film called “The Wilderness of Jane” and another film called “Walter”. They are both wonderful indie film that have both been sold. Where, when…I don’t know yet. These independent movies explore relationships more than mainstream movies do and are highly creative. Not that I wouldn’t want to be in the studio rom-com machine, I mean I love to make that kind of money, I love to be in a position where if u put me in a film you can get financing. All those guys have stacks and stacks of scripts and there’s just a handful of them. Amazing when someone like Howard writes like this film and can go out and get the money and due to that we get to all play in the sandbox. I am trying to finance things and it’s really hard because of where the films can go.

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