Briana Evigan talks about returning to the “Step Up” series with “Step Up: All In”

briana-evigan-step-up-movie-wideBriana Evigan got her big break in film with “Step Up 2: The Streets”. Since then she has appeared in films like “S. Darko”, “Sorority Row” and “The Devil’s Carnival”. She is returning to the “Step Up” series in the fifth film “Step Up: All In”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Briana about coming back and what we can expect from the film.

Mike Gencarelli: How did it come about for you to come back in “Step Up: All In”?
Briana Evigan: I got a call from Jennifer Gibgot and Adam Shankman and asked me if I wanted to come back for the fifth “Step Up”. They said they were bringing everyone back. The fans made it apparent who they wanted to see come back and I was one of them. They were still looking for a director at the time but we all had dinner, talked and I came on board. It was a pretty easy “Yes” for me being that “Step Up” started my career. I wanted to go back and get to be with everyone one more time.

MG: Did you ever think you would be coming back to this series?
BE: No, never. It is so funny. I never thought I would do it again.

MG: How has Andie West changed in this film?stepupallin
BE: Andie is definitely sexier, my wardrobe alone. She is more in control. She knows what she wants and is much more focused. She is still this sweet and loving girl though that cares more about her friends and family that anything in the world. In this one, Shawn and I are butting heads but at the end of the day we really want the same thing throughout the movie. We teach each other a little bit about life and then we come together and there is love.

MG: How was it getting back same cast including Alyson Stoner, Adam Sevani, Mari Koda and Luis Rosado?
BE: Getting back with the gang was just great. I love Mari Koda. She and I have gotten so close in the last few years. We spent every day together pretty much on or off set, which was awesome. I seriously think she is one of my favorite people in the world and you can quote me on that [laughs]. I love her. We are all like a awesome. It was just awesome.

MG: What was it like bringing the setting to Las Vegas?
BE: Oh that was fun. I have grown up in LA, so Vegas is a place that I have gone often for partying but now I was there filming actually on the Strip, so it was pretty cool. How many times have I been there? Yet there I was filming in a truck driving down the strip with all my friends, so that was just amazing.

MG: How does this film compare to “Step Up 2: The Streets” in terms of challenging dances?
BE: The cool thing about the dances in this one but we tried to come up with organic ways to do things. Instead of doing things in post-production and going overboard, we figured out ways for us to use things that weren’t too big and distracting but makes the dancing bigger than ever. I am dancing with fire. We have dancers coming out of the ground when we are dancing on sand. Guys are zip-lining. We have these huge fan machines, which you can’t see obviously, but they are blowing us. So we have all of the elements. The finale is very epic. Everyone dances their faces off and the choreography is just phenomenal.

MG: How does this film live up to the title of “All In”?
BE: Oh, it is totally all in [laughs]. That’s it!

MG: What else do you have in the cards upcoming?
BE: I just did a movie and in a role that was quite a leap for me. It was actually a role that I have been looking for for years and it landed right in front of me. I am playing an artist/photographer that is confused about her sexuality and trying to find love. The character has Huntington’s disease, which is very rare. It was quite the challenge and I prepped for the role for about 3 1/2 weeks. It is called “ToY” and Patrick Chapman directed it. Plus I also have “The Devil’s Carnival 2”, which I am working on right now actually. We will be in heaven this time and it is going to be awesome. Ms. Merrywood will be back!

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