Sworn Enemy’s Sal Lococo talks about new album “Living on Borrowed Time”

Sal Lococo is the lead singer for the New York hardcore band Sworn Enemy. The band is set to release their first new album in 5 years titled “Living on Borrowed Time”. Media Mikes had the chance recently to talk with Sal about the album the current state of the hardcore music scene and what type of tour plans the band has in place to support their new release.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some info on the new album?
Sal Lococo: The new album has 11 tracks of basically ripping your head off music. Sworn Enemy hasn’t really deviated from their formula for writing so don’t let the fact that this record has new players on it change your thoughts

AL: With that said the album has a much heavier sound when compared to the bands previous albums. What do you think was the main contributing factor to that?
SL: I’m sure that has a lot to do with 2 different guitar players from our last release. They have a different writing style from Lorenzo and we can hear the subtle difference but all and all it still has that Sworn Enemy sound

AL: With almost 5 years between the new album and the previous release do you find it hard to reconnect with the bands fan base?
SL: From the shows we have been playing over the past 5 years I haven’t seen that borrowedtimeat all. I think most of our fans were just waiting for us to get back on our feet and release some new material after most members left the band.

AL: Traditional hardcore seems to be a bit of a rarity these days. What is your take on the current HC scene?
SL: To be honest I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to music so I’m not really sure what is going on with the HC scene maybe you can fill me in on what’s going on. (Laughs)

AL: Can you tell us about the bands upcoming tour plans?
SL: The new record comes out May 13th and our tour starts May 17th at this year’s Black and Blue bowl. We are all looking forward for the show as well as the upcoming tour. We also have plans to head back to Europe at the year’s end and then we want to try and be part of some bigger US tours to get us right back in into the swing of things

AL: Besides the new album and subsequent tour do you have any other projects in the works you would like to mention?
SL: Right now the only project me and the guys will be working on is getting Sworn Enemy back into top form. Once we accomplish that then we can talk about other projects

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