Get “Smothered” This Friday in New Orleans


John Schneider, best known for his work on stage and screen, has taken his talents behind the camera to create what is being called “The EXPENDABLES of Horror Movies,” the new fright-fest SMOTHERED.

The film, which Schneider also wrote, tells the story of a group of horror movie icons who, while attending a poorly attended horror convention, accept a cash offer to go scare the residents of the local RV park. But the tables turn when the movie monsters become the prey!

Starring such horror legends as Kane Hodder, Don Shanks, Michael Berryman, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Mosely and Brea Grant, SMOTHERED features the largest number of horror icons to ever grace the screen at the same time. The film also features John Kassir, Dane Rhodes and Shanna Forrestall. Shot on location in Louisiana, where Schneider’s Fairlight Films is located, the film will host it’s premiere on Friday, May 16 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. Get there early for a pre-screening social hour and stay around for a post-screening Q&A with John Schneider.

SMOTHERED will be released in late 2014

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