Full Moon wants to cut off your head with their latest contest for their new series “Trophy Heads”


Calling all horror fans! Full Moon’s new series, Trophy Heads, shot this year, is getting ready to premiere on June 6th on http://fullmoonstreaming.com. Us here at Media Mikes are huge fans and supporters of Full Moon and their projects. We wanted to let you all know about the  awesome contest that going on and all you have to do to enter is let Full Moon chop off your head…

Submit a photo of your head to submit@fullmoonfeatures.com  and we will send you a customized mounted head image of you to use as your Face Book profile picture, link it to Fullmoonstreaming.com and that’s all you need to do to enter the contest.

To check out the details on the contest and what the many prizes are follow this link  http://fullmoonstreaming.com/Submit-Your-Head


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