CD Review: Whitechapel “Our Endless War”

Whitechapel-OurEndlessWar“Our Endless War”
Metal Blade Records
Produced by: Mark Lewis
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Returning with the fifth full-length of their decimating career, there is no stopping the juggernaut that is Whitechapel. The album titled “Our Endless War” is the culmination of everything the band from Knoxville, TN has worked toward since their inception in 2006. The album is being released via Metal Blade Records and features 12 ruthless tracks produced by Mark Lewis.

The newest album from Whitechapel is everything you have come to love about the band while taking it a step further. The group has forged new ground with this release elevating them to the next level of heavy metal music mastery. From the albums opening instrumental track “Rise” which subtlety builds before giving way to the album’s explosive title track “Our Endless War” which is instantly kicked into gear by singer Phil Bozeman’s guttural vocals. The album features some really great instrumentation which I felt showcased each of the members the bands growth as musicians.

Probably my favorite track off the release is the track titled “The Saw is the Law” as it features a pounding rhythm section and fast paced, demonic like vocal rants that instantly grab your attention. Other notable tracks were “Psychopathy” which features an intro ala Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary of a Madman” while one of the albums bonus tracks titled “Fall of the Hypocrites” is about as heavy as you can get as the songs shear power could literally blasts you across the room when turned up load enough.

Track Listing:
1.) Rise
2.) Our Endless War
3.) The Saw is the Law
4.) Mono
5.) Let Me Burn
6.) Worship the Digital Age
7.) How Times Have Changed
8.) Psychopathy
9.) Blacked Out
10.) Diggs Road
11.) A Process so Familiar (Bonus Track)
12.) Fall of Hypocrites (Bonus Track)

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