Book Review “World War Z: The Art of the Film”

artofworldwarPaperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: June 18, 2013

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

If you’ve seen the film or even the trailers to “World War Z”, you see it is epic. It should be for costing nearly $200 million dollars. Unfortunately, when you read ”World War Z: The Art of the Film” you get the complete opposite results. First of all let’s address the obvious, the book is called “The Art of the Film” yet 90% of the book is the screenplay with a few piece of art and stills thrown in as filler. I may be wrong but that is not what makes up an “Art of” book. Titan Books also released similar books for “Firefly” (which are amazing) and those were not called “Art of” books. If you loved this film and are interested in the screenplay and a few images scattered her and there then this is for you. Hardcore “Art of” fans steer very clear.

Now that we are over this initial “what the hell”, as a companion to the movie, besides the (most up to date at the time of publishing) shooting script, there is some production art, design sketches and storyboards. The art was mostly based about the cities and locations in the film. In terms of quality the images are not high quality at all and are very rough around the edges. Also unlike the above mentioned “Firefly” books from Titan, they were packed with great interviews from the cast and crew. Well, that is also missing from here Like the film’s troubled production, this book seems to follow that trend of the need for rewrites. Oh well, I guess they can make it up with inevitable sequel companion book.

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