Isaac Basal talks about hit song “No Other Girl” and plans for 2014

Montreal based Isaac Basal may only be 15 years old but he has an ear for all types of music. He is a singer, songwriter and dancer. He currently has a song “No Other Girl” available on iTunes worldwide. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Isaac about his music and what we can expect next.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background on how you initially got involved with music?
Isaac Basal: I’ve always had a passion for music my whole life. When my parents thought I was ready all my instrumental lessons began, which started at the early age of 8. I now play drums, guitar, piano, tom toms and sing vocally. I’ve also been told that I have a musical ear as well which helps a lot. I started my career in music about a year ago. Musical artist Karl Wolf performed at my brothers birthday party and lucky enough for me, he invited me to perform with him on stage his hit single Africa. I realized at that moment I wanted to take my passion for music further.

AL: Being so young, how do you go about balancing your music career and school?
IB: Even though I have my parents support, my grades have to stay up there. Together with the music and activities it can be very challenging. I try and prioritize my days. I have certain time periods for certain lessons and extra-curricular activities, hockey and working out is in my schedule as well. I do all my activities after school and/or at night. During the week after school get homework done…. then lessons and practice begin. Once things seem a little on the calmer side I try and find time to chill with the family or friends. For the moment I am enjoying the ride…

AL: What do you feel is the most difficult part of being a young musician/performer?
IB: One of the most difficult things about doing what I do at a young age is that I can’t chill with friends as often as I would like anymore. Thats one of the consequences of being an artist at this age but I have accepted it and am willing to live with it. Besides, all of it is so much fun and such a wonderful experience especially when we do what we love so much. Something that I don’t find particularly difficult but important to keep in mind at any stage of being an artist is always remember where you came from, appreciate what’s in front of you and stay humble. This is something my parents always try to instill, and seeing the materialistic world out there it is a challenge to remember to stay grounded.

AL: What type of approach do you take when creating a song?
IB: I try to think about music today and try to be as unique as I can. I try to follow my producers and my mom… She actually writes as well and she’s really good at it. My father is taking care of the marketing side. My parents are my greatest influences! I just started to practice producing but what I try to do is keep it simple! Most important is to keep it real!

AL: Can you tell us about any release plans you have coming up for 2014?
IB: I got a lot of stuff planned for 2014! New EPK, new singles, videos, photo shoots and so much more! My next and newest single is coming out the week of the 27th, this new track is called Give It All produced by JHennessey and written by JHennessey and Raquel Basal. I’ve had a wonderful 2013 with my single No Other Girl, and Alone written and Produced by Albert Chambers. I’m surrounded by a wonderful caring team and that’s what makes a strong foundation to a successful future.


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