Interview with Graham Colton

Graham Colton is a singer/songwriter who has had his material featured on “American Idol” and who has toured with acts such as John Mayer, Counting Crows and The Dave Mathews Band. Media Mikes had a chance recently to talk with Graham about his latest release “Pacific Coast Eyes Vol. 2”.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about your latest release.
Graham Colton: The album is titled “Pacific Coast Eyes Vol. 2”. It is sort of a bonus EP release that was really a lot of fun to make. Now that I am an independent artist again I can pretty much do what I what on my own schedule. This release is just that. The EP contains 3 songs from “Pacific Coast Eyes” and 3 new songs. Lately I have been a fan of putting out things that I think my fans will like right away rather than using the old model of things and make them wait a year or two.

AL: I assume you are a fan of that type of freedom as an artist?
GC: I definitely like the fact that there are no rules. I think with the way the business is going these days the original set of rules people went by are now being redefined. I think this is  cool because with the touch of one button you have so many different options to get your work out there. I am really embracing this new way of doing things. When I first started I think I caught the tail end of how things used to be done where you sign a big record deal and release a huge album. I had a great time working that way but there are just so many new ways of doing things now. Moving forward is something that is really good.

AL: How do you feel the new tracks on this release compare to your previous work?
GC: You always hope that with each release you move forward another step. I have stopped putting the pressure on myself to figure out what material is better. I think I have grown as songwriter both in ways I think are good and in ways I think that my hurt me. A lot of times I am thinking some of the best songs I have ever written were the ones I wrote in my bedroom when I was 17. During that time it was just me, four chords and an out of tune guitar. All I wanted to do was impress girls. On the flip side there is always a cool balance of keeping things as simple and as honest as I can while at the same time adding in all the experience I have gained and learned along the way.

AL: What are your tour plans for this release?
GC: I just wrapped up a tour called the “Go National Tour”. The tour was a partnership between me and where I traveled in a natural gas vehicle and documented the entire tour. I plan to do a spring tour and more partnerships with My partnership with has been great as this is the first time I have really stood up for a cause that I believe in. I felt so strongly about this that I actually approached them with this idea. It was a pretty organic process. I started looking out what type of eco footprint we as musicians who earn our living out on the road leave behind after we have toured all over. I am very proud of what we have accomplished thus far and you can actually go to the site to see just what we have done.

AL: Do you have any other upcoming projects in the works for 2012?
GC: I am working on a few things right now that I would describe as being a little bit left of center for me. There are some collaboration’s that have started however it is still a little bit too early to talk about those. I have been very excited as of late. This is something that tends to happen when I am about ready to make new music. I seem to have the ability to visual the record before I even write anything. I don’t know the exact picture yet but I do know I want to make a left turn and see what all shakes out. This is both exciting and really scary.


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