Win a copy of the animated “A Monsterous Holiday” DVD [ENDED]



Just in time for Halloween, Media Mikes and ARC Entertainment are giving two lucky readers the chance to win a DVD of the new animated Halloween tale, “A Monsterous Holiday.” Featuring the voices of Brooke Shields, Jon Heder, Sean Astin, Matthew Lillard and Kyle Chandler the film follows the adventures of a young inventor named Andy who hopes to ask his neighbor to help him win an upcoming science fair. The neighbor is one Dr. Frankenstein. Finding the good doctor not at home Andy finds the next best thing: Frankenstein’s monster who, as luck would have it, is actually a teenager.

For a chance to win a copy of this new comedy just tell us below what your favorite costume was as a kid when you went trick or treating. Two random comments will be chosen on Sunday, November 3rd.

Good luck!

26 Replies to “Win a copy of the animated “A Monsterous Holiday” DVD [ENDED]”

  1. i have to say being a vampire, it was the only custome that made me feel safe,,,, here’s why when i was little i was scared to death of vampires, one night i had a bad dream, and i went to wake up my parents, my mom was out cold and i went over to my dad to wake him up and he was missing his front teeth another story on why that happened, so when i looked over his mouth was open and i thought he was a vampire, no way did i go near him ran back in my room and cried myself to sleep, i was petrified for weeks thinking he was…. til this day we all laugh about this story.

  2. my favorite costume was a lion costume my mom made me…at first i was embarrassed wearing it, but then i won a costume contest (maybe the judges felt sorry for me) 🙂

  3. I had a leopard outfit that was made by mother that I wore in elementary school and will always be the best. thanks

  4. My mom made me a beautiful Senorita dress and veil that I will always cherish. I even won 1st place in a contest at school.

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