DVD Review “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness – The Scorpion Sting”

kungfu-dvd-2Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
DVD Release Date: October 15, 2013
Run Time: 154 minutes

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

There is something about “Kung Fu Panda” that you can’t help be love. I am a huge fan of the two movies and I have been loving the TV series as well “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness”. “The Scorpion Sting” is the latest DVD collection of episodes from this series and it is jam-packed with action, comedy and a whole lotta Po, who is everyone favorite Panda. If you love “Kung Fu Panda”, then you are going to love this show for sure! Even my 16 month old daughter loves this show and walks around with her plush doll screaming “Po”, so I think they are on to something here!

Get ready for more high-kicking action and fur-flying fun in this awesome animated TV series based on the Academy Award-Nominated hit movie Kung Fu Panda*! He may not be your typical warrior, but Po packs an arsenal of martial arts skills as big as his heart…and his stomach. Always ready to fight for what’s right, Po and the Furious Five—Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper—face exotic dangers at every turn, including a pair of magic shoes with an evil “sole,” and Scorpion, one of the sharpest villains in all the land!

This DVD contains over two hours of episodes including the following: “Scorpion’s Sting”, “Crane On A Wire”, “Love Stings”, “Kung Shoes”, “Owl Be Back”, “Qilin Time”, “Monkey in the Middle”. I also recently received a DVD volume for the show “Monsters vs. Aliens” and that also included a Digital copy download for each of the episode, I am surprised that this one did not since it would be a great added feature for sure. Also included though as a bonus is the “Kung Fu Panda: Scorpion Maze” App, which is available for download on iOS and Android devices. It is a fast-paced and addictive arcade-style game and ton of fun. If you enjoyed DVD, this you will be excited to find that that in Spring 2014 the next DVD is being released called, “The Midnight Stranger”. Keep ’em coming!

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