CD Review: Newsted “Heavy Metal Music”

“Heavy Metal Music”
Chophouse Records
Producer: Jason Newsted
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has just released his debut full length album titled “Heavy Metal Music”. The album is being released on the heels of Jason’s explosive 4 song EP titled “Metal” which was released in the spring of this year via Newsted’s Chophouse Records. With the exception of the songs “Soldierhead” and “Kings of the Underdogs” all the material contained on “Heavy Metal Music” is brand new. This definitely added to the appeal of this release being that it was being put out in such close proximity to the subsequent EP. From beginning to end Newsted and company are bombastic in their approach.

The album’s opening track “Heroic Dose” pounds its way into your skull while doing an excellent job of setting the stage of what’s in store for the listener. Each track on “Heavy Metal Music” features Newsted’s gritty vocals and ripping guitars courtesy of Staind guitarist Mike Mushok and Jessie Farnsworth. Other tracks worth checking out are “As The Crow Flies” which features a really cool groove which weaves it’s way in and out of the catchy choruses while the track “Kindevillusion” is a melding of all things Newsted.

If you listen carefully you can clearly pick out pieces reminiscent of Jason’s previous work. “Heavy Metal Music” features lots great playing that provides something for everyone making this the perfect album to pick up if you are looking for some solid rock/metal music to throw on during that late summer cook-out with your crew.

Track Listing:
1.) Heroic Dose
2.) Soldierhead
3.) As the Crow Flies
4.) Ampossible
5.) Long Time Dead
6.) Above All
7.) King of the Underdogs
8.) Nocturnus
9.) Twisted Tale of the Comet
10.) Kindevillusion
11.) Futureality

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