Blu-ray Review “Shark Week: Fins of Fury”

sharkweek2013Rated: TV-14
Studio: Discovery Channel
DVD Release Date: July 16, 2013
Run Time: 301 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Shark Week is my favorite week of the year no question.  I set my DVR and tape not only the new specials but also the classic ones as well. Discovery Channel has been running it for over 25 years now and it only gets better and better each year.  “Shark Week: Fins of Fury” delivers some of the best special from the 2012 season.  If you are a fan of Shark Week, then this release should be a must purchase, especially to get you ready for this years great line-up!

Disc one contains the following episodes are included “Great White Invasion”, which focuses on the routines of sharks seen around the waters in California, Australia and South Africa. “Jaws Comes Home” looks into sharks returning to the same waters where the film “Jaws” was made. “Rogue Sharks” debates the idea of sharking being territorial (if you’ve seen “Jaws” you will know this debate).

Disc two includes the rest of the episodes including “Summer of the Shark”, investigates Australia’s recent attacks. “Killer Sharks” looks into the 1957 holiday shark attacks in South Africa. “How Sharks Hunt” features Dave and Cody of “Dual Survival” as they discuss the habits of great whites. Lastly, “Shark City” features Andy Samberg (“SNL”) as he takes us on a tour of the protected waters of the Bahamas.

I loved all these episodes from latest year but the major complaint I had was Andy Samberg.  Man, was that a mistake.  Out of anyone to be the Chief Shark Officer, why would they choose him.  I understand they want to make it fun for the week of episodes but I was not feeling him as a host at all.  Hopefully they will fix that for the 2013 season.  Until then, this Blu-ray is a great way to catch up on last year’s greats (excluding “Shark City”).

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