Book Review “LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia”

LEGO Star Wars Character EncyclopediaAuthor: Hannah Dolan
Reading level: Ages 7 and up
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: DK Publishing
Release Date: September 19, 2011

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

If you want to know anything about LEGO Star Wars…then this is a book for you! Thanks again to DK Publishing to delivering such an in-depth and excellent source to this wonderful brand. This book showcases over 300 mini-figures from this series within its 200+ pages.  If that isn’t enough this book also includes exclusive LEGO Star Wars Han Solo mini-figure   Whether you are looking to introduce your kid to LEGO Star Wars or refresh yourself, this book is a perfect way to learn everything you need to know about LEGO Star Wars.

Official Synopsis: DK is bringing two of the world’s most popular properties together again in a fun, chunky format that kids and adults are sure to love! This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles showing interesting and never-before-seen elements of all your favorite LEGO® Star Wars® minifigures. With more than 400 captivating images and tons of fascinating facts, the LEGO® Star Wars® Character Encyclopedia is sure to keep both LEGO lovers and Star Wars fans reading for hours!

Overall, I am was not sure what to expect with this but honestly I was totally blown away.  Within the book are some really great detailed pictures with a lot of fun and obscure facts throughout the LEGO Star Wars history. The presentation of each character is crystal clear and you can tell that a lot of time and preparation was put into the development of this book.  I consider myself a LEGO Star Wars fan and yet this book delivered some facts that I even didn’t know. I look forward to sharing this book with my 7 month old daughter to start introducing her to this amazing universe of characters.


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One Reply to “Book Review “LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia””

  1. I love Han Solo, this exclusive mini figure is amazing!!
    Also, the book showcases over 300 characters with a lot of pictures ans stories. I recomend it!

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