Steve-O talks about his new show on truTV called “Killer Karaoke”

Steve-O is best known for his work on the TV series and film franchise “Jackass”. He is taking a different route with his new show on truTV called “Killer Karaoke”, which he is hosting. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Steve-O about this show, what we can expect and touched on the “Jackass 4″ rumors”.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about your new show “Killer Karaoke” on truTV?
Steve-O: The premise of the show is very simple. It’s people singing karaoke while awful things are happening to them. It is just hilarious. For me it is extra exciting since it is a big opportunity to get to work as a comedian host, rather than just the guy that hurts himself. It allows me to be faithful to my brands and yet still evolve and broaden my horizons. It is a real step in the right direction for me in having a meaningful career beyond “Jackass”.

MG: So do these contestants have a background in singing?
Steve-O: I think everyone has some level of passion for singing and that is why they are there. I do not think that anyone is getting a record deal out of it. I think it is funnier the more incompetent the contestants are. When you go into a karaoke bar, you think the people singing are somewhat competent. So I think the average karaoke bar talent is what spills out onto our set of “Killer Karaoke”. I think that is where the experience bar is at.

MG: Give us an idea about some of the interruptions planned for the contestants?
Steve-O: There are dog attacks. We electrocute people as they are signing. We’ve done snakes all over them. We made they run through a maze of cacti. We just scare the crap out of them and torture them in many different ways. It is really hilarious.

MG: You are no stranger to extreme stunts, is it different for you thought being on the other side and not having to deal with these situations?
Steve-O: For me, simply observing stunts rather than performing them, I would explain as an erection lasting four hours or more. It felt great but it was a little unnatural for me [laughs].

MG: Is there any kind of rehearsal prior to the taping?
Steve-O: Not at all. We are really careful to make sure that the contestants go into it with as little of an idea of what will happen as possible. Obviously, when you have as guy and you’re putting him into a dog attack suit, I think he gets an idea. But for the most part, they have no idea what is going to happen. I think it makes it a lot better.

MG: What has been your most challenging aspect hosting a reality TV series?
Steve-O: It all came pretty natural for me. The key to doing a good job is to make sure that you are enjoying yourself. I definitely enjoyed myself. I feel that the pleasure aspect in the show will be contagious.

MG: I read the announcer of the show is Twisted Sister’s Dee Snyder; did you get a chance to meet him?
Steve-O: No. They recorded Dee Snider after the fact. But my first concert I ever went to was Twisted Sister, so I am a big fan.

MG: Are they going to get you to engage in the “Killer Karaoke”?
Steve-O: I don’t think I will ever sing on the show. I really doubt it. In the beginning of every show, I do a little stunt. Whenever there was a break in the filming, I would pick up the skateboard and do some circus tricks. So I think a lot of that will make it onto the show also, which will also make it more fun to watch.

MG: Can you give us any insight into the rumored “Jackass 4”?
Steve-O: There is a project in the works. It is not a “Jackass” movie but is a spin-off. I think that it is the studio’s intention to get the entire cast involved. But they haven’t done that yet, so it is a little too early to talk about.

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