Elaine Hendrix talks about new web series “Fetching”

Elaine Hendrix plays the role of Sheila in the new web series “Fetching”. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Elaine recently about working on the series and what other projects have been keeping her busy.

Adam Lawton: What can you tell us about your new show “Fetching”?
Elaine Hendrix: I love this role so much. It is a web series put out by Michael Eisner’s company. They teamed up with AOL and writer Amy Harris who wrote “Sex and the City”. The series is fun and really cute. There are animals in it and you can never go wrong there. I like to describe my character on the show as being fabulously, fabulous. She is the top client at Fetching and spoils her dog rotten. I had a ball doing this. It was very much like shooting for a television series other than we jammed the whole season in to a month’s worth of shooting. There have been talks already of doing a second run.

AL: What drew you to the project?
EH: First and for most it was set in a dog boutique. There was going to be a lot having to do with dogs. Being the animal activist that I am it was perfect. Also getting the chance to work with Amy Harris was something that I really wanted to do as I am a big fan of her work.

AL: What do you think was the biggest challenge working on a series like this?
EH: Surprisingly nothing. The only difference was that we had to move a little faster. In this day and age unless you are a 100 million dollar franchise everyone is trying to do things on a shoe string budget. Moving faster has sort of become the norm. I think the show looks beautiful and the writing and cast are top rate. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

AL: What did you enjoy most about your role?
EH: Sheila is kind of like the “Samantha” of the show minus the gratuitous sex. Sorry to disappoint all the readers. (Laughs) She lives in her own world and plays by her own rules. Sheila knows who she is and has no qualms being that.

AL: Can you tell us about a few of your other projects?
EH: I just finished work on “A Street Car Named Desire” and it’s looking like the production is going to be reprised in Los Angeles which would be great. I love Blanche Dubois. For women’s roles it doesn’t get much better than that. I did a Christmas film for the Ion Network that will be released around the holidays. I also did a film titled “General Education” which was just released. Then there are a few other projects that are in development as well.

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