Book Review “One Spotted Giraffe”

Author/Illustrator: Petr Horacek
Reading level: Ages 2 and up
Hardcover: 20 pages
Publisher: Candlewick; Pop edition
Release Date: September 11, 2012

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

My daughter is only five months old, so she is far away from counting just yet but this book as already gotten her attention her early. In “One Spotted Giraffe”, we get a chance to count from one spotted giraffe to ten darting fish. In this very smart use of a pop-up book, this book takes something that would be concerned learning and makes it fun. It is authored and illustrator beautifully by Petr Horácek. I will be certainly seeking out other books that he has done.

Synopsis: Very young children can identify animals, count them, and discover numerals in this stand-out selection. Spreads filled with realistic depictions of colorful creatures — everything from pandas to lemurs — entice readers to count the animals, then flip the flap to reveal a corresponding pop-up numeral. And then the surprise: the numeral looks just like the animal — fur, spots, stripes, and all! Toddlers and preschoolers will delight in this bold, innovative concept book, a fantastic tool for making numbers noticeable for little learners.

Petr Horácek creates this book since he is inspired by his two daughters. Inspiration is a very powerful tool and when used right can provoke many wonderful results. Some of his other books include “Silly Suzy Goose” and “Strawberries Are Red”. I myself have become very inspired to do many new things in the short five months of having a child, so I believe in this very strongly.

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