Exclusive Giveaway for a Numbered Copy of “The Devil’s Carnival” Ringmaster Edition Blu-ray & DVD Set [ENDED]

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To celebrate the release of “The Devil’s Carnival” on Blu-ray and DVD, Media Mikes will like to giveaway a copy of the Ringmaster Edition Blu-ray & DVD Set is limited to 6,660 numbered copies, and boasts a collectible booklet with all of the lyrics from the movie. This edition also features over two hours of never-before-seen footage of “The Devil’s Carnival” including “Making-Of,” “Road Tour,” and “Special Makeup & Prosthetic Effects” featurettes, as well as exclusive audio commentary tracks by Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich, and T.D.C.’s cast and crew. If you would like to win this numbered limited set, please leave us a comment below or send us an email and let us know your favorite song from the film. This giveaway will be open until November 2nd and is open to readers WORLDWIDE. Only one entry per person, per household; all other entries will be considered invalid. Once the giveaway ends, Media Mikes will randomly pick out winners and alert the winners via email.

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After dozens of stops across the country, on October 23rd “The Devil’s Carnival” will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Ringmaster Editions are available exclusively from www.TheDevilsCarnival.com, and Sinner Editions can be purchased only at Hot Topic retail stores.

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Darren Lynn Bousman

Emilie Autumn

Jessica Lowndes

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Nivek Ogre

Terrance Zdunich

“In “The Devil’s Carnival”, sinners are invited to a theme park where they endure the repetition of their transgressions. What chances do a conniving kleptomaniac, a gullible teenager, and an obsessed father stand when facing their own moral failings? Lucifer and his colorful cast of singing carnies invite you to grab a ticket to “The Devil’s Carnival” to find out!

“The Devil’s Carnival” features twelve original songs, written by Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, directed by Bousman, produced by Sean E Demott and Joseph Bishara (Insidious), and stars Victoriandustrial rocker Emilie Autumn, Dayton Callie (Sons Of Anarchy, Deadwood), M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan (of the Grammy award winning, cult metal giants Slipknot), Briana Evigan (Step Up 2), Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Maggie “Captain Maggot” Lally and The Blessed Contessa (of The Bloody Crumpets), J. LaRose (Insidious), Jessica Lowndes (90210), Mighty Mike (of Mini Kiss), internet star Hannah Minx, Ivan Moody (of the chart-topping heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Ogre (of the legendary industrial band Skinny Puppy), Marc Senter (The Lost), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Alexa Vega (Spy Kids), and Terrance Zdunich.”


243 Replies to “Exclusive Giveaway for a Numbered Copy of “The Devil’s Carnival” Ringmaster Edition Blu-ray & DVD Set [ENDED]”

  1. My favorite song off the soundtrack was Grace for Sale. I am in love with Terrance’s voice, and a huge fan.

  2. I’m going to go total fanboy here and say Grace for Sale was my favorite. Damn Terrance Zdunich can sing.

  3. Trust Me. Not only is it just a really nice flowing song, it reminds me of one of my favorite comic book couples as well. Joker and Harley Quinn.

  4. From the moment I heard the audio samples on Amazon when they came out, I have been in love with Penny For A Tale and Grace For Sale. They’re such powerful and well-written songs. I think most fans are quickly smitten by In All My Dreams I Drown, but Penny For A Tale and Grace For Sale are just such powerful stories. <3

  5. My favorite song has got to be “Prick! Goes the Scorpion’s Tale” sung by the Painted Doll (Emilie Autumn). It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Emilie Autumn’s work so naturally I would love this song the most of the Devil’s Carnival songs. I managed to see the Devil’s Carnival four times during the two road show tours they had. Each time I saw the film, I picked up smaller details that I didn’t notice before. Makes watching the film multiple times much more fun.

  6. A Penny For A Tale

    I was so surprised Ivan Moody could sing in such a fashion is such a brilliant way.

  7. Choosing a favorite song is a bit difficult with this short film. However, if I had to choose, I would have to say Beautiful Stranger because it’s just an amazing song and I wasn’t expecting Brianna Evigan to have such a beautiful, yet haunting voice.

  8. My favorite would probably have to be A Penny for a Tale! Though I do have a soft spot for Trust Me and Prick! Goes the Scorpions Tale. 🙂

  9. “In All My Dreams I Drown.” That by far is the most haunting song I have heard for a long time. I loved Repo: The Genetic Opera. Never watched a movie so many times. Listen to the soundtrack in my car all the time. I can’t wait to hopefully get the soundtrack for The Devils Carnival and watch the movie. Its totally going to makemy Halloween!

  10. How could I choose? I think Grace For Sale… For sure, out of all of the songs, I think it would have to be Grace For Sale.

  11. Prick goes the scorpions tale : i love this song because it reminds me of how all relationships are sometimes we do not know what we are getting into until we are too late , but most of the time we will continue to get ourselves into these relationships until we actually figure it out <3 from texas

  12. Both my roomie and I are huge Devil’s Carnival fans but poor college students, so we talked it out and agreed our favorite song is Grace For Sale. His reason is cause whenever it comes on he has to stop and jam out on the bus surrounded by little old ladies (he also worries that by loving this song he is endangering their mortal souls). Mine is that, as an aspiring musical writer, I think it has amazingly awesome, inspiring lyrics and an intense, catchy beat that really brings the show to a powerful close and now I can’t wait for the sequel. There absolutely must be a sequel 🙂 Thanks for giving us such awesome show!

  13. I really love “Grace for Sale”, the lyric “lay you down to sleep with wicked little stories” really speaks to me.

  14. ‘In All My Dreams I Drown’. Such an amazing song/scene. Forever sends a chill down my spine when I hear that song. *Nerdgasm*

  15. I like Prick! Goes The Scorpion’s Tale, as I thing it tells the best story, and Emilie’s trills are just breathtaking.

  16. My favorite song would have to be Trust or Grief, mainly because they’re so manipulative in the storyline.

  17. Definitely “Trust Me”. That song was so eerie and just perfect. I loved it. Loved the movie, love Bousman.

  18. For me, it’s a tie between “In all my dreams I drown” (Also labled by some “Heave ho”) and “Grace for sale”. Kind of hard to pick between the two for me, as both have excelent singers, backup singers, and musical traits.

  19. My favorite song had to be, hands down, Grief. Sean Patrick Flanery did an amazing job with it.

    And I can’t wait for the DVD. Seeing the make-up and prosthetics behind the scenes parts will be interesting.

  20. My favorite song would probably have to be either “Trust Me” or “In All My Dream I Drown”.

  21. i have 2 favorites- the first one is Trust Me in which the scorpion is trying to get tamara to trust him and when he does he has her tied up to a spinning wheel where he proceeds to throw knives at her (till one eventually gets thrown Into her), i believe we all at one point chose to believe a person we really shouldnt have
    the second one is In All My Dreams I Drown in which Tamara is lured by boat and meets non other than satan aboard, there is a slight seduction in the duo’s singing here and it is beautiful to watch

  22. My absolute favorite song from the soundtrack is Grace for Sale, Terrance’s singing voice never ceases to make my ears happy.

  23. It’s hard to decide between Beautiful Stranger and Grace For Sale… but I’d have to go with Grace For Sale as my favorite song. I love Terrance! <3

  24. My favorite song is hard to choose: I love them all! But, since I have to pick, it’d have to be “Trust Me”. I love it, and hum it all the time when I’m being a butthead to one of my friends.

  25. Im going to say All My Dreams I drown because the contrasting voices are just so nice and the lyrics are creative and it’s what got me really hooked to the Devils Carnival.

  26. Due to a disability, I was unable to attend the live show in Des Moines, IA. I would LOVE to be one of the lucky winners!

  27. I would also have to say “In All My Dreams I Drown” because I love, love, love the sultry sound of Terrance Zdunich’s voice!! Jessica Lowndes voice is magnificent as well!!

  28. In All My Dreams I Drown is by far the best song but in my opinion it’s more of a cut scene because of the way it’s presented at the end. Because of that I would have to say my favorite song from the movie is A Penny For A Tale.

  29. Adore all the songs, but my favorite must be the sinister duet, Beautiful Stranger! I cringed at the girl’s voice until she started singing and then I fell in love~

  30. My favorite is definitely Grace For Sale! Catchy, all of the lyrics just make me happy, and Terrance’s voice is always good to listen to.

  31. The song that I like the most is A Penny For a Tale, I think that Ivan Moody’s voice is really awsome and also the lyrics are a perfect mix between horror and clown (story teller) style, ñ.ñ

  32. I’d have to say that my favorite song is ‘Beautiful Stranger’. It’s just so awesome 😀

  33. “Hello, hello, hello, Beautiful Stranger. How familiar the danger slipping into the shadows?..Us in our shadows do.”
    Beautiful Stranger. Love Briana Evigan!

  34. My favorite has to be “In All My Dreams I Drown” :3 It was a tough choice because “A Penny for a Tale” is my other favorite!

  35. My favorite would definitely have to be Beautiful Stranger–and the road tour was a memory I’ll cherish forever. I can’t wait til the DVD comes out!

  36. Prick! Goes the Scorpion’s Tale!!!
    Emilie Autumn is my absolute favorite being on this entire planet. <3

  37. It’s a close tie between “Trust Me” and “In All My Dreams I Drown,” but I think “Trust Me” wins. My fiancee proposed to me onstage during the encore tour, and we were dressed as Scorpion and Dark!Tamara. Kind of special to me.

  38. A Penny for a Tale is my favorite from the movie, because I’m a big fan of Ivan Moody. Going to Dallas to see this movie was the best thing I did this year!! (^-^)

  39. My favorite song from the film definitely has to be “Beautiful Stranger.” It’s the one track I had on repeat for weeks after the live showing, for the pure fact that the “duet” of sorts is absolutely beautiful, and the lyrics send chills down my spine.

  40. My favorite song is “Prick! Goes the Scorpion’s Tale” because it sounds so upbeat and innocent but the story is all about betrayal. Emilie Autumn is amazing and the movie was just incredible.

  41. Around the time of the Devil’s Carnival Tour, I was broken up with by my first boyfriend of over a year, and that shattered me to pieces. His reason for ending the relationship was a ridiculous dispute of religion- he was planning on being baptized into a church that forbade any dating outside of its members, and he said that if I did not convert to his insane church I had never even heard of, he would have to end the relationship because dating me would “jeopardize his chances of salvation.”
    Being told that I was going directly to Hell in such a way not only hurt me, but it infuriated me that someone could think in such black and white terms as to who was high and mighty and who was a hopeless cast away. If I’m going to be sent to Hell for my beliefs, and for who I am in general, then I guess Hell is exactly where I belong. And all of this is the same story that Lucifer tells in “Grace For Sale.” I’ve spent a lot of nights indignantly listening to that song and being like “Yeah, Lucifer. I agree with you.”
    In short, my answer is without a doubt “Grace For Sale.”

  42. My favorite song would have to be… Trust Me. Through out the entire song, the way he sings is a red flag to not trust him, that he has something up his sleeves. However his voice and charisma are so smooth that you can’t help but be captured by his words that you actually begin to trust him.

  43. “Grace for Sale” is my favorite song from this movie, but it was all fantastic! Can’t wait for part 2!

  44. Grief and Grace For Sale. By far, some of the darkest and most moving. Plus, both songs are sung by very attractive men with beautiful voices. Brilliant, brilliant film.

  45. I can only choose one? Well that’s just not fair because all of the songs are really fantastic. I suppose though, if I *have* to choose just one it’d be a three-way-tie between; “A Penny for a tale”, “Trust me”, and “In all my dreams I drown”! 🙂

  46. “Heaven’s All Around” is the tune that I find myself humming from time to time.,

  47. I gotta say my favorite song is Grace for Sale!!! I love the way Terrance sings, pretty amazing.

  48. All in my dreams…. Its like watching a movie in my head…. Muhahaha …. loved the whole movie!!!

  49. Mine is a dead even tie between “A Penny for a Tale” and “Grace for Sale.” They are both fantastically addicting songs, with two amazing vocalists! (Mad props to Ivan Moody and Terrance Zdunich!)

    Also, I’m entering this so there’s one more chance that my mom can get a copy, as she can’t due to unforeseen circumstances. So this is not for me. (Not that I’m expecting that to have any effect on the outcome, but it’s something nice to put.)

  50. Trust Me is definitely my favorite song. Terrance and all did another fantastic job! This cast has made two of my top 15 favorite movies of all time!!

  51. My fave song is Prick! Goes the Scorpion’s Tale!

    I saw The Devil’s Carnival in Foxboro, MA with The RKO ARMY (REPO! CAST) and I loved it!


  52. Would have to be “Beautiful Stranger”. Oghre and Briannas voices just fit so well together…and hearing that Brianna had like three days to prep for it makes it even more impressive.

  53. Loved seeing it in Seattle….A Penny for a tale…was awesome…played the soundtrack on my drive home after the show for 3 hours….Great job guys..

  54. Prick goes the Scorpions tail. I just love everything about it from the lyrics to how it flows.

  55. Favorite song is definitely Grace for Sale. Love Terrance’s voice and it really gets to the dirt of perceived sin and redemption.

  56. My favorite song is Penny For A Tale. I can sing(or at least try) all day long. It was pure awesome among epicness.

  57. My favorite song is so hard to pick, it changes with every mood. I guess my favorite would be “Beautiful Stranger” because of the duet. I love the shot during this scene as well the entire Twin/Merrywood switch it was perfectly made.

  58. If I have to pick a favorite then 666 would have to be it. I love that song and the fact that no one breaks the rules without consequences.

  59. My favorite song would have to be Trust or Grief, mainly because they’re so manipulative in the storyline

  60. “A Penny for a Tale,” definitely. When he hits that note at the end, I melt. But I have a three way tie for second place. I don’t know how many people can say they hairbrush/mic sing with the Devil, but I can. 🙂

  61. Definitely Grace for Sale because Terrance serenaded me with that song on my first stop for the road tour(; Made my life <3

  62. by far my favorite song from the movie is “in all my dreams i drown”…..beautifully done!!

  63. For me it has to be Beautiful Stranger. Being a fan of Ogre aside, there’s just something really dark about the song. While both the Twin and Merrywood were singing the same lines, take them apart and the song takes on a whole new meaning depending on who sings it. All in all, a perfect song for my taste

  64. My favorite song from TDC has to be Penny For A Tale. I REALLY want to get a Hobo Clown costume together and sing that song!!!!!!!

  65. In My Dreams I Drown is my favorite track from the Devil’s Carnival. It was written beautifully and Jessica’s voice is just chilling to hear (in a good way, of course!)!

  66. Grace for Sale.. I love the quality of Terrance’s voice on this and it’s the one I find myself singing the most..much less awesomely sadly.

  67. For me it has to be Grace for Sale just because Terrance Zdunich just doesnt get to sing enough solo pieces =P

  68. I love “Beautiful Stranger”. For one it’s Ogre. And it’s just so fun.
    A close second is “In All My Dream I Drown”. It’s just so wonderfully wrong if you really listen to the words.

  69. I followed “The Devil’s Carnival” since it began, but I live in a country totally distant possibilities of knowing this show! I wish I could get “prick! Goes the scorpion’s tale” because I am a faithful follower of Emilie ♥

  70. Definitely “Trust me” the concept of the drape boy and the silly square girl fascinates me!!

  71. Trust Me. I love Marc Senter’s voice as the Scorpion – it really lulls you and pulls you in 🙂

  72. Even though it’s not technically IN the movie, my favorite song is In All My Dreams I Drown. Trust Me is a close second though 🙂

  73. This is hard!!!! My favorite would have to be ’02 The Devil’s Carnival’ because listening to that as you’re walking into college is hilarious 😀

  74. For sure “In all my dreams I drown” great track even though its not actually in the flick.

  75. I really like Grief. The way it sounds just catches me and I love it. I can never sing it just right and I think I shouldn’t be able to lol because it’s amazing, but that would have to be my number one.

  76. Everything was so well written but i’m gonna go with “Prick goes the scorpions tail” because i love Emilie Autumn’s music and a plague rat for sure.

  77. Oh man, can I just say the entire album? But if I had to pick I would hands down choose “Grace For Sale”. Such a catchy and amazing song! <3

  78. Now, I haven’t seen the film but my sis did and she said it was an amazing film. I would have to agree with her considering that the film was nearly an hour. However, I did hear the album from iTunes and safe to say that the songs were incredible. I know many of you out there has a number 1 favorite song, and my favorite song was “In all my dreams I drown”. Now, the reason for that is the song has this dreary and dark tone that at first seems to sound like a lullaby but upon hearing the song as it progresses, you know that this song takes a dark turn into a whole new level.

  79. My favorite song from the soundtrack would have to be ‘Grief.’ I love the story it tells and the meaning behind it. Plus, the way that Sean sings it makes it sound so raw and emotions. Its amazing.

  80. If i can only pick one……”Grace for sale”. His hypnotizing voice can lead me to hell anytime

  81. I really adore “In All My Dreams I Drown”. The differences in pitch and when one of them sings alone really adds an eerie feel and I just love it. The underlying message is incredible as well.

  82. Hi there. My favorite song from the film is In All My Dreams I Drown. The first time I heard it I fell in love. I really hope I win. 🙂

  83. Hi there. My favorite song is In All My Dreams I Drown. Its lovely. I really hope I win because I wasn’t able to pre-order. *fingers crossed*

  84. It’s hard to choose just one. I think I have to say either Grief because it’s so haunting and so beautiful.

  85. Grace For Sale has to be it. Terrance’s voice is pure sex. I haven’t had a chance to see it and the visuals that go along with it but it’s one of the few songs which can be used out of context. Lyrically it’s wonderful and it sets the mood very well.

  86. I fell in love with “In All My Dreams I Drown” the first time I heard it and it’s still my favorite!

  87. My favorite song has to be “Beautiful Stranger”. Something about Ogre and Briana in this song just makes it perfect. It also made me wonder what the two were really singing about. It all came together once I saw the movies. A close second is “Penny For A Tale”. Ivan Moody makes that song the second theme song for the movie and it actually tells you about one of the fables.

  88. its hard to choose I have not let the cd leave my cd player except to get sean patrick flanery to sign it XD, but “In All My Dreams I Drown” I think is my fav i want to do a cosplay of tamara in this song XD

  89. “Grief” was by far my favorite. Sean Patrick Flanery’s performance as John was one of the most tear-jerking musical laments I have ever seen.

  90. It’s so hard to choose just one as a favorite! I’m going to have to say Beautiful Stranger has earned the title of number one for me. It sent the most shivers up my spine.

  91. “In All My Dreams I Drown”, because it sounds almost like Terrance is singing right into your ear . . . that beautiful, filthy voice.

  92. It’s hard to choose. There are many brilliant songs here, from “Grace for Sale” with its engine-like dark piano riffs to “A Penny for a Tale” and its amazing storytelling.

    I believe the one I’ve listened to the most, though, was probably “Prick! Goes the Scorpion’s Tale”. Emilie Autumn’s theatrical singing, as well as the incredibly beautiful string harmonies, make it my favourite.

  93. it is a tie between in all my dreams i drown where tara is found by lucifer and again is repeating her sin of putting her complete faith in the wrong person and trust me- for when the person she chose proved her wrong and broke her trust… When it comes down to love and honesty- there is nothing more in this world that could matter more to me (aside from loving my mother, my lovers, some family and some friends XD). And before in my life i have lost my faith when i chose to trust the wrong person as a friend and later on he attacked me in my sophmore year. just goes to show that choosing the wrong person can be deadly, and tara certainly met her match here… Also her singing voice as well as terrance’s singing voice are a beautiful match together… 🙂

  94. From the moment I heard “In All My Dreams I Drown” I loved it. It’s so hauntingly beautiful.

  95. Grief; The way Sean sings Grief is woeful and yet beautiful. It captures your attention and lulls you into the story it has to tell.

  96. Choosing just one favourite from this awesome soundtrack is so hard ’cause everything was so well written! I could go for “Prick goes the scorpions tail” because i’ve loved Emilie Autumn’s music for years and I’m a proud plague rat for sure 😉 However, I’d say that my ultimate favorite song has to be “In all my dreams I drown”, the reason why is ’cause there’s something very eerie about it. It has this sort of dreary and dark tone that makes you think of a lullaby at first, but as the song progresses, you know that it takes “darkness” into a whole new level. Plus, it can really get stuck in your head for hours! <3

  97. Trust me… because just Trust me it’s good…. P.S. I’m no scorpion so yes you can trust me… or can you?

  98. it’s so very hard to choose just one song. But since i have to, I must go with In All My Dreams I Drown. i find it quite hauntingly beautiful.

  99. It’s really hard to pick a favorite song, as they all are really great in their own right! But I will go with ‘Penny for a Tale’! It’s an awesome song. 🙂

  100. While I loved all of the songs my favorite would have to be “Kiss the Girls…”. I’m not sure why it stands out against any of the others, but I love the song.

  101. Trust Me or In All My Dreams I Drown. I like Trust Me because it does a great job of building tension, and In All My Dreams I Drown is just a gorgeous song.

  102. I had a really hard time choosing a favorite song, I mean I love all of it! It was a really hard time to pick between Grace for Sale and In All My Dreams I Drown. I would have to say probably out of the two though, it would have to be Grace for Sale.

  103. A Penny For A Tale. Whether its mellow or its metal, Ivan Moody shows a whole nother side of himself.

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