Eduardo Sánchez talks about new film “Lovely Molly”

Eduardo Sánchez is the co-director of “The Blair Witch Project”. He also directed genre films like “Altered” and “Seventh Moon”. His latest film “Lovely Molly” is a unique approach to the genre and leaves you chatting about the film days after it is over. Media Mikes had a chance to chat about the new film and what else he is currently working on.

Mike Gencarelli: How would you say that “Lovely Molly” differs from your past work?
Eduardo Sánchez: It’s more of a drama than my other films. I wanted it to be that kind of film, the kind of horror films that I love, that have strong characters and isn’t just about the creature.

MG: The film is very intense, how did you get Gretchen Lodge to sign on as her first film?
ES: I asked her nicely! We both knew how difficult it was going to be so we discussed the intense nature of the material and it just seemed that we trusted each other. She trusted that I wasn’t going to exploit her and I truster her in going to the places that I needed her to go. It worked out very well.

MG: Besides the film itself, tell us about the “Is it Real?” aspects posted online?
ES: They are story extensions that we like to have on most of our projects. When making a film, you end up with a lot of great material that never makes it into the movie, so this is our way of exploiting some of that stuff and adding more to the story. It was a lot of fun for me because I had very little to do with this on LOVELY MOLLY, so I experienced most of this material like an audience member would, which was pretty exciting.

MG: On “Lovely Molly”, you not only directed but also wrote and edited, what was your most challenging aspect?
ES: The editing really through me for a loop. I hadn’t edited a feature by myself since film school, so I completely underestimated how emotionally taxing it was going to be. It was tough and I felt very isolated in my basement for all those months. Couldn’t have done it with my co-editor Andrew Vona, who was a great help to me, not only as an editor but as a motivator. He always believed in the film.

MG: I enjoyed the film “Midnight Son”, how did you get involved as an Executive Producer
ES: One of the sound mixers on SEVENTH MOON hooked me up with Scott Leberecht, the writer/director. He had shot it but had no money for post, so I got a few people involved and we went to work on it. It took a long time but we finally got it out in 2012. Really proud of Scott and Matt Compton, who produced the shit out of this film.

MG: What do you have planned next?
ES: I am posting a Bigfoot movie called EXISTS that should be out next year. I’ve been wanting to make a Bigfoot movie since I was a kid so it as a dream come true. And it’s looking pretty damn good so I can’t wait to set this sucker loose on the world! Check it out at

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