Dermot Mulroney talks about new film “Trade of Innocents”

Dermot Mulroney is known best for his role in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.  He also tore up TV in Fox’s “New Girl”.  Dermot is taking on a very serious role in “Trade of Innocents”, which deals with child sex trading.  Media Mikes had the chance to chat with Dermot on this amazing role and how he prepared for the role.

Mike Gencarelli: What drew you to work on “Trade of Innocents”?
Dermot Mulroney: It is interesting, I got with an offer on the role. I read the script and it was really the first time I ever encountered the issue of human trafficking or child sex slavery. Just reading the script was real eye-opener for me and that is what really intrigued me the most initially.

MG: Tell us about working with Mira Sorvino and John Billingsley?
What are the chances that you can work with an actress like Mira Sorvino, who already made such a huge different in her own life working through the United Nations and other organizations. So it was just great. John’s performances will really rattle you. That performances was really incredible in every way. Boy, what a challenge it would be to be asked to play a role like that. I really respect what he was able to do.

MG: The film’s content is quite intense dealing with sex slave trades of young children, how did you prepare for a role like this?
Well, I did a couple of things. After reading the script, I went online and started researching the issue. The first thing I learned how many people are affected by this. I mean on both sides of the issue as well. Since I am looking at it from the people that are trying to stop this problem. You learn numbers and fact but also learn how about many people are trying to help. I was impressed with the amount of resources that are out there. The group and associations are so admirable and plenty of them, as it turns out.

MG: Due to the content due to find that this is harder to portray?
The heart of the movie is really the relationship between this family. The couple had done through losing their own child. That part I have done before and I could really hook into that. So for me the unique part was the setting and the issue around that this simple family story drama works around.

MG: Tell us about filming on location for this project?
Yes, it was shot in Bangkok. I had never been to Asia, which was an eye-opener as well. Not shocking in any way just never been in a city quite like that. The people and the crew were incredible to work with. We worked through some really grueling conditions, as you see in the movie. Then you have to throw in another hundred people going through that heat and those conditions with me. A lot of people really put their heart and soul into making this movie. Bill Bolthouse, executive producer, and his family really this is a passing for them that comes to fruition this way. You don’t see it often that individuals can make such a visible difference.

MG: Where/when can people get a chance to see this film?
It is being released in New York on October 5, 2012 and then expanding each week after that in additional theaters. People are really coming from all different angles for the film like government, religious organizations, NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) like charities from all over the world. I think people will really take notice. It will also be available on Digital, DVD and VOD
on December 11, 2012.

MG: You go from an intense role like this to a hysterical role in TV’s “New Girl”; how do you compare?
[laughs] That is so interesting, I never thought about those roles being so different. I have always jumped around and done whatever I have been asked to do. Or at least tried, I am still trying to do it right out here…working hard. I had not idea what was coming with that role. It was literally coming out of their mouths while they were shooting the episodes. Then sent me a few episodes and said you “are you in or out”? They hadn’t cooked up yet where my character was going. So they just rolled with it and revealed the character to me on that fun level. Not to mention working with that wonderful cast…that was a funny room of people man!

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