Emily Rose talks about season three of Syfy’s “Haven”

Emily Rose is known best for playing the role of Audrey Parker in Syfy’s “Haven”. The show starts its third season on September 21st and is pack with a vengeance. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Emily about this season and what we can expect from her role.

Mike Gencarelli: What do you enjoy most about playing such a strong female character like Audrey?
Emily Rose: I think one of the things that is the coolest gift that the writers have given me is this wonderful Pandora’s box that Audrey has existed before herself. This season is so fun and I get to play these different people. Audrey is very tenacious and courageous. In this season we get to see a lot of her frailty. But we also get to see these other sides of her that are not her. To me, that is the most exciting part. Sometimes you can be on shows for a long time and you get to the point where you look for the next challenge. This show is a gift since we have the ability to create a whole new character and be allowed to have that within the storyline. It has been a real treat to me and also to the fans.

MG: Are we going to see more of Lucy Ripley this season?
ER: That and more sir. That and more. Yes.

MG: Due to this season being amped, what was your most challenging aspect for you?
ER: We have a really great show runner this season, Matt McGuinness. From the very beginning he helped streamline our writers and focus them. He has been great at talking to the network and discovering what we can do to amp it up. I think one of the great additions to the show this year is the whole other storyline. Usually we have a “trouble” of the week and then its mythology. But now we have a whole new ball in the air, so to speak, to deal with in a long form crime. With all those things in play, this amps up the urgency for the season. We also feel like our audience is sophisticated enough to handle all of that. I think it is really great trying to see it unfold. That was definitely a big factor in this season.

MG: This show was spawned from Stephen King’s novella “The Colorado King” but has really developed its own wings, can you reflect?
ER: I remember when we first started, everyone was asking about that. I read the book too when I got the job. I wondered where this would go. Stephen King set up the seams to our where our world exists. What I like about that novel is that it ends unresolved. It addresses what happens to a town that isn’t given closure. In that world is where Haven can exist. It has been great to have Stephen King’s permission and blessing to open the possibilities to take this show even further.

MG: Going into the third season, what were you looking forward to accomplishing most that you weren’t able to do the first two?
ER: I always say, but it is really true, I feel like the first season was like when you walk into a party and want people to really like you. You are really funny and quirky. You have some issues but they’re not a big deal and you can laugh about it. With the second season now, we are all good friends and could things get a little heavier. But now this season, here are able to reveal our deep issues. The first season is all about creating a likeable character, for fans to like and invest their hour each week with. I think the thing I was looking forward to most is go darker with Audrey and have people still stick around with that. As they told us more about the season, the part that I was just ecstatic about doing was playing the other characters and creating different people. That to me is an actor’s dream. You can go to bed being happy with that.

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