Kimberly Cole talks about her music with Media Mikes

Kimberly Cole’s first single “Smack You” made it to number 3 on the Billboard music charts and Kimberly’s current single “You Make Me Wanna” is on its way to doing just the same. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Kimberly about her such and her recent audition tape which has since gone viral.

Adam Lawton: What has it been like for you after the success of your first single “Smack You”?
Kimberly Cole: It has been crazy! Things have been amazing. After the video release on Oxygen and then the song going to number 3 on the billboard charts it was game on. I think that song legitimized me as an artist. So many doors have been opened which has allowed to me to really grow. I will still watch that video from time to time.

AL: Did you think the song was going to do what it did when you were writing it?
KC: That song was written in an hour. It was inspired by real events and when we were done writing we knew we had something. I played it for my manager and some other people and they all thought it had something. My choreographer did some work with the song and people started asking how to get it. Then people started blogging about it. The song is two years old now and still to this day people are still finding out about it. It’s sort of this cult underground hit. It’s been exciting.

AL: What experience have you gained from opening for acts like Katy Perry and LMFAO?

KC: It is amazing to be at a place where I am with their crowd and the energy. It makes me feel like I am not only on the right track but we are colleagues. I am working my way to being a headliner but I still love opening for other bands. I love the surprise factor. In the studio I am a writer but on stage I am something completely different. I am someone who likes to think a little outside of the box when it comes to my shows so it’s great. It’s really fun to get the energy from someone else’s crowd and win them over.

AL: Can you tell us about some of the other things you were able to be involved in through the release of your “Bad Girls Club” album?
KC: The album did really well and because of the success of the single the Oxygen Network put a clip of the song on one of there shows. From that minute and a half song placement the network was very excited to do something else. We ended up premiering the video for “Smack You” on the network and it did well. Through the album I was able to create a unique relationship with the network which has resulted in talks of doing more work with Oxygen.

AL: What are you currently working on?
KC: I have a new clip out that is sort of a pre-video to my new song “You Make Me Wanna”. It is called “The Kimberly Cole Audition Tape”. The video has a character in it who is sort of a “Napoleon Dynamite” type guy. This character played by Nathan Barnatt crashes the supposed video shoot for “You Make Me Wanna”. The clip has created quite a buzz around the official video because in the audition tape people are rooting for this guy who crashed my shoot to be in the actual video. Because of this we are in talks for the new video and we have a really great treatment planned. Nathan blew us away so we are going to be changing the game a little bit with what the official video is going to be. I also will be doing a show called “A Day in the Life of Kimberly Cole”. The show will have me hanging out with friends and people who I work with. Some of the people I work with also work with major celebrities and are what I call the “Glam Squad” behind some very famous looks. We go behind the scenes to see how these iconic looks are put together. There’s really a lot that goes on to make these looks work. I also have some television things coming up as well. There is a lot of good stuff going on and we are in a really great place.

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