CD Review: Vampires Everywhere! “Hell Bound and Heartless”

Vampires Everywhere!
“Hell Bound and Heartless”
Hollywood Waste Records
Producer: Cyanide Productions
Tracks: 16

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Hell Bound and Heartless” is the second first full length release from the gothic infused metal band Vampires Everywhere! The album is being released on Hollywood Waste Records and features 16 tracks that were produced by Cyanide Productions which consists of Mike Sarkisyan and Spineshank guitarist Tommy Decker.

Following on the heels of the bands successful 2011 release “Kiss the Sun Goodbye” “Hell Bound and Heartless” showcases a much darker and more personal side of the band. In your face lyrics tinged with eerie industrial arrangements made this album a really enjoyable listen. After being turned on to this band by a friend a few months back I really couldn’t wait to hear what was in store on the new album. Needless to say I was instantly a fan. Tracks such as “Star of 666” and “Anti-Hate” stuck out as my own personal favorites. I also think fans will definitely enjoy the cool rendition of the controversial Nirvana song “Rape Me”. Cyanide Productions did a great job mixing in some eerie elements which helped take each of the 16 tracks to a whole new level.

2 parts 80’s glam and 2 parts Marilyn Mason that is what you get from Vampires Everywhere! The latest offering from the band builds on their foundation and showcases a really solid progression. I highly recommend picking this album up as you won’t be disappointed. For those wanting to see the band live you can check them out on their upcoming headlining tour as well as on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.

Track Listing:
1.) I:Hellbound
2.) I Can’t Breath
3.) Beauty Queen
4.) Drug of Choice
5.) II: Inferno
6.) Star of 666
7.) Kiss of Death
8.) Rape Me
9.) Plastic
10.) III: The 7th Grade
11.) Unholy Eyes
12.) Social Suicide
13.) Anti-Hate
14.) Hell on Earth
15.) Amanda’s Song

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