CD Review: Rush “Clockwork Angels”

“Clockwork Angels”
Release Date: June 12, 2012
Label: Roadrunner Records
Tracks: 12
Running Time: 67 minutes

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

I have been a fan of Rush for many many years and I have also seen them perform live more times than I can count. They are easily one of my favorite bands ever! Rush is just one of these bands that can be around for 40 years and yet make hit after hit. I saw David Gilmour from Pink Floyd during his solo tour in 2006 and when he played tracks from his latest album “On an Island”, everyone took a bathroom/beer break. But I don’t know how to explain it but when Rush releases a new album, it is like instant GOLD!…and when they play their new material live, forget it, the crowd goes insane. I call that the power of Rush!

“Clockwork Angels” is Rush’s first album at Roadrunner Records. It is produced by Grammy Award winner Nick Raskulinecz, who also collaborated with the band on their last studio album, “Snakes and Arrows”.  The album is not just any ‘ole album, it has an amazing story behind it.   It  chronicles a young man’s quest, through Neil Peart’s lyrics, across a lavish and colorful world of steampunk and alchemy as he aims to follow his dreams.  I really enjoyed the story overall and there is even a novel adaptation of the album coming out later this year from ECW Press.

Let’s get to these new songs for Rush’s 20th studio album “Clockwork Angels.  “Caravan” easily kicks the album off with a bang.  I had heard and already loved “BU2B” from their live album “Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland” (which was also amazing!).  I loved how on the studio album version, they set the song up with a quiet prologue and then blew it up.  It also really sets the tone for the whole album and its story.  The production on the track “Clockwork Angels” is so amazing and well-done. “Halo Effect” is a sweet song, along relatable to a love song.  “Headlong Flight” flies way over the 7 minute marks and channels its inner-Floyd. “The Garden” is an interesting yet perfect ending to this album.  Rush really delivers amazing song after song here,  I mean each one is honestly gold.

I can’t wait to see this year’s tour to back this album.  It is going to be a really visual and amazing journey to see how this story is told out live.  Also there is a little Easter egg for super-Rush fans on the album’s cover. Take a look at the clock, put it in military time and what do we get… 21:12, OH YEAH! I mean if that doesn’t scream super cool…I do not know what does! This band never shows any signs of slowing down, especially if they keep making albums like “Clockwork Angels”. After 20 albums, it only seems to get better…hears to 20 more guys!

Track Listing:
1. Caravan
2. BU2B
3. Clockwork Angels
4. The Anarchist
5. Carnies
6. Halo Effect
7. Seven Cities Of Gold
8. The Wreckers
9. Headlong Flight
10. BU2B2
11. Wish Them Well
12. The Garden

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