DVD Review “The Deadly Spawn”

Directed by: Douglas McKeown
Starring: Michael Robert Coleman, Charles George Hildebrandt, James Brewster
Format: PAL / Region: Region 2
Classification: 15
Distributed by: Arrow Video
Release Date: March 19, 2012
Running Time: 81 minutes

Film: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 5 out of 5 stars

There is just something so perfect about a film with a tagline of “They Crawl, They Breed, THEY EAT!” They don’t make film’s like this anymore today. This latest Arrow Video release includes a digitally remastered window-boxed transfer in the original full frame aspect ratio. This film has held up over the years and still entertains very much. It is just refreshing to see actual creature effects, it is something the 80’s excelled in, since today everything is CG. This release also includes a reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork by Rick Melton. It also comes packed with a double-sided fold-out artwork poster. There is a collector’s booklet featuring new text from Calum Waddell and Tim Sullivan. “The Deadly Spawn” is a fun classic horror film that only gets better with each viewing.

After a meteor crashes into Earth, a small, American town becomes under siege with “THE DEADLY SPAWN, carnivores from outer space, who multiply and feast on the locals. It is up to a group of kids who stand up to these invaders and attempt to save the town and the world before it is completely overwhelmed. The film features some amazing visual effects from John Dods. Like I said, you just don’t get creature effects like this today. God Bless the 80’s and Arrow Video for releasing this gem!

The special features are very impressive. There is new an interview featuring “2001 Maniacs” director Tim Sullivan and Special Effects Director John Dods. If you are a fan of audio commentaries, this one has two, with writer and producer Ted A. Bohus and editor Marc Harwood. There is a comic-style prequel with its own musical score. There is an alternate opening sequence with new effects and credits. The extra “In the Workshop of S/FX Director John Dods” focuses on creating the film’s visual effects. There is a selection of archive TV interviews featuring the filmmakers. There are photo gallery featuring behind-the-scenes images, pages from the script, artwork and more. Since the film does have some aspect of comedy, there is a fun outtake reel. Lastly there is Audition Tapes and an original Theatrical Trailer included.

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