Interview with Eugene Mirman

Eugene Mirman is know best for his role of Yvgeny Mirminsky on Adult Swim’s “Delocated’.  The show returns for season three on February 2nd. Eugene also voices Gene Belcher on Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers”, which returns for season two in March.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Eugene about working on the show and what he has planned for 2012.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about season three of “Delocated”?
Eugene Mirman: Season three has been a lot of fun. We recently finished filming and the episodes are set to start airing February 2nd. I have a girlfriend this season and the episodes are all very funny. There also is going to be a cross over with “Downton Abbey” that fans of both shows will want to watch for.

MG: How do you think your character has changed over the course of the 3 seasons?
EM: This season I am starting my own company, so the episodes aren’t going to be as much about stand-up per say. My character is a little more 3 dimensional. I am still however the wacky hit man of comedy.

MG: Is the reality television portion of the show still going to be used?
EM: Yes that will still be a part of the show. Janeane Garofalo will be playing the head executive this season. I didn’t really have any scenes with her but she is a nice person in general.

MG: How do you feel this season differs from the others?
EM: I don’t know if they are really different from one another. The really big thing is the cross over with “Downton Abbey”. We had some great guests on and I think I might possibly have more stuff in this season. We will have to wait and see.

MG: You are currently touring with your comedy act, tell us about that?
EM: I am doing a tour with Andrew Bird which starts in March. I am also doing the South by Southwest Festival and some shows in Seattle towards the end of March. I am going to be a part of the “Cabinet of Wonders” show which can be heard on NPR. The show will feature musicians, authors and comedians.

MG: What do you like about doing stand up compared to working on television?
EM: I like to do all of it. It helps break things up and I love splitting my time between the different projects.

MG: You voice Gene Belcher on “Bob’s Burgers, which returns for season two in March, tell us about that?
EM: We have recorded around 14 or 15 episodes since summer. There are going to be a lot of awesome guests and a lot more things will be happening outside of the restaurant. I feel we are starting to find our groove with everyone involved with the project.

MG: You’ve been working with Adult Swim since “Home Movies”, tell us about how you originally got working with them?
EM: I just texted them and told them to let me in. (Laughs) Brendan Small used to be my roommate when “Home Movies” was on UPN. Through that I did an episode and later did “Lucy: Daughter of the Devil”. The people who make these shows are the ones responsible for putting me in their future shows.  It has been a great journey.

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