CD Review: Hemina “Synthetic”

Nightmare Records
Tracks: 11

Our Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars

“Synthetic” is the latest release from the Australian progressive/metal band Hemina. The album is being released via Nightmare records and features 11 brand new tracks mixed by Tommy Hansen (Helloween). Packed with a variety of tones and sonic landscapes the latest album by Hemina is what I would describe as Devin Townsend meets Evanescence.

Most of the 11 songs contained on “Synthetic” feature very lengthy arrangements that I found hard to focus on as the tracks dragged on past the 4 minute mark. Though the album was not as heavy and guitar dominant as I would have liked there were one or two tracks worth mentioning. “Even in Heaven” is a straight forward rocker with melodic vocal passages and a ripping instrumental accompaniment. While the albums closing track “Haunting Me” has a really cool fell and vibe to it.

The production/mixing on the album I thought was very well done and helped enhance the performance of each musician. Though I personally would have preferred the songs to be a bit shorter If you are a fan of bands like Yes, Dream Theater and Ayreon then you will surely want to check out the latest release from the band Hemina.

Track Listing:
1.) This Hour of Ours
2.) To Conceive a Plan
3.) The Boy is Dead
4.) For All Wrong Reasons
5.) And Now to Find a Friend
6.) With What I See
7.) Hunting Is For Women
8.) Even in Heaven
9.) Conduit to the Sky
10.) Haunting Me!
11.) Divine

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