Interview with David Davidson

David Davidson is the guitarist/vocalist for the heavy metal group Revocation. The band recently released their 3rd studio album titled “Chaos of Forms”. Media Mikes had a chance recently to David about the new album and the bands plans for 2012.

Adam Lawton: How did the band form?
David Davidson: Phil, Anthony and I formed Revocation in 2006. We were called Cryptic Warning prior to that but decided to change the name since our style had changed and developed so much. Right around the time that “Existence is Futile” came out we added Dan Gargiulo to the lineup.

 AL: Can you tell us about the latest album?
 DD: “Chaos of Forms” is our 2nd record for Relapse and it came out this past August. We’re all pumped on it and we are stoked about the feedback we’ve gotten so far. We feel that Chaos is our strongest work to date in terms of songwriting. The songs have been a blast to play live.

 AL: How does this release compare to your previous release?
 DD: It definitely expands upon our sound but at the same time it maintains the core elements of what makes us who we are. We’re all pleased with the flow of the record and we think it really shows the diversity of the band. On every release we want each song to have its own personality. We think that this release has a lot of character to it. We once again chose to work with Pete Rutcho to record, mix and master the album. We love working with him! Pete is a blast in the studio!

 AL: Do you have a favorite track off the album?
 DD: Currently “No Funeral”. We just did a video for that song and it’s really fun to play live.

 AL: What are the bands upcoming plans for 2012?
 DD: We’re going on tour with Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, and Threat Signal starting at the end of January. After that we don’t really have any plans. I’m sure we’ll be back on the road soon though; we can’t stay home for too long!


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