DVD Review “Gurozuka”

Directors: Yoichi Nishiyama
Actors: Keiko Saito, Yuko Kurosawa, Yukari Fukui, Nozomi Ando, Yoko Mitsuya
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Synapse Films
Run Time: 84 minutes

Our Score: 2 out of 5 stars

Synapse Films releases have been very impressive in the last few months, but this one is the weak one in the batch. This foreign import from 2005, tries to steal parts from films like “Scream” and “The Ring” but fails in its execution. There is zero suspense, the acting is terrible and to top it off the story is very bland and doesn’t make much sense. The best thing this film has is its score, which reminded me of “One Missed Call” but besides that this film is a total pass.

The film follows a group of teenage girls who visit an house in the middle of nowhere to rehearse and perform a play. The group soon discovers a videotape with that shows person wearing a Japanese deigan mask killing people in that exact house . Before they know it things start going array and the girls start going missing.  Is there a mysterious killer stalking them or is one of the group members not who they say they are?

The bonus features include a featurette about “Making of Gurozuka” and original trailer. The featurette is nothing special but watchable. Overall if you are looking for good horror from Synapse Films, check out the recently released “Intruder” & “The Exterminator” Blu-ray releases.

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