CD Review: Biohazard “Reborn In Defiance”

“Reborn In Defiance”
Produced by: Toby Wright
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“Reborn In Defiance” is the latest record from the legendary hardcore band Biohazard. The album is the first in 18 years to feature the bands original line up consisting of Evan Seinfeld, Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel and Danny Schuler. The album features 13 all new original tracks and produced by Toby Wright (Alice in Chains, Metallica).

The 13 tracks contained on “Reborn In Defiance” are classic Biohazard NYC hardcore. Tracks such as “Your Disease” and “Waste Away” really showcase the bands growth while still staying true to the bands hardcore roots.  Producer Toby Wright was the perfect choice for this album as he really pushes the sonic barriers of heaviness with this album. Evan Seinfeld’s vocal presence shines through putting the icing on the proverbial cake. Biohazard fans both new and old with truly appreciate this album. The only negative I could find really has nothing to do with the album and that being we won’t get to see and hear Evan perform these songs live on the bands upcoming tour.

Track Listing:
1.)    9_IIIX6.941
2.)    Vengeance Is Mine
3.)    Decay
4.)    Reborn
5.)    Killing Me
6.)    Countdown Doom
7.)    Come Alive
8.)    Vows of Redemption
9.)    Waste Away
10.)   You Were Young
11.)   Skullcrusher
12.)  Never Give In
13.)   Season The Sky

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