Interview with John Fang

John Fang works with Cartoon Network and is the Supervising Producer for it’s hit show “Generator Rex”. He is recently the supervising producer on the new crossover “Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United” which aired on Cartoon Network on November 25th. Mefia Mikes had a chance to chat with John about working on “Generator Rex” and its new crossover with “Ben 10”.

Mike Gencarelli: What can you tell us about “Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United”?
John Fang: Ben enters the Rex universe and teams up to fight an evil force so powerful, only their combined efforts has a chance for victory. Fans of both properties, and fans of action, should eat this special up!

MG: You are no stranger to either series, having directed episodes of both Ben 10: Alien Force” and “Generator Rex”, how did the mash-up come about?
JF: Not much to say here since everyone involved knew this would happen at some point. Not really a question of “how” but “when” are we going to do the cross over. Working so closely on both properties, I was also a huge fan of both, so getting a chance to have Rex and Ben fight side by side was way too much fun.

MG: How does working on both shows compare?
JF: Loved working on both, but being the show runner for Generator Rex, I’m obviously more attached to Rex. Our goal for “GenRex” has always been about bringing a stylized point of view to action. We stylize the storytelling, push designs, stylize music, SFX, and so on. Stories are always interesting and the acting is amazing.

MG: Can we expect Ben 10 and Generator Rex to meet up again?
JF: Definitely left that door open. Another team-up in our universe or in Ben’s universe? We’ll have to wait and see.

MG: Season three of “Generator Rex” just started, what can we expect this season?
JF: We just had our series game changers in episodes 40 and 41 with the big shake up at Providence . Season 3 will have bigger reveals about the nanite event and the original group behind it. Besides the encompassing epic storyline, we’ll still have plenty of episodes of Rex just having fun.

MG: What else are you currently working on?
JF: “Rex” keeps me plenty busy.

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