CD Review: Steel Panther “Balls Out”

Steel Panther
“Balls Out”
Universal Republic
Producer: Jay Ruston
Tracks: 14

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Balls Out” is the second release by the Los Angeles based band Steel Panther. “Balls Out” features 14 all new tracks by the spandex clad band that were produced by Jay Ruston. The album is being released via Universal Republic and is the follow up to Steel Panthers 2009 release “Feel The Steel”.

“Balls Out” seems to lack the catchiness of the bands first release “Feel The Steel”. It’s as though the band went more for a shock approach with their lyrics rather than concentrating on making a good album as a whole. “Balls Out” is still good and packed full classic 80’s inspired riffs that will make you want to tease your hair to epic proportions. Tracks like “Tomorrow Night” and “Critter” were the highlights for me while tracks like “It Won’t Suck Itself” featuring Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and the album’s first single “17 Girls In A Row” are definitely worth mentioning.

Though “Balls Out” doesn’t measure up to the bands previous release its still a fun and upbeat album that you can sing along to. Steel Panther fans new and old should be able to find something of “Balls Out” that they will enjoy.

Track Listing:
•    In The Future
•    Supersonic Sex Machine
•    Just Like Tiger Woods
•    17 Girls In A Row
•    If You Really Really Love Me
•    It Won’t Suck Itself
•    Tomorrow Night
•    Why Can’t You Trust me
•    That’s What Girls Are For
•     Gold Digging Whore
•     I Like Drugs
•     Critter
•     Let Me Cum In
•     Weenie Ride

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