CD Review: NIHM “Trade Of Chains”

“Trade Of Chains”
Turkey Vulture Records
Tracks: 10

Our Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars

“Trade Of Chains” from the heavy metal group NIHM. The North Carolina based band has been together since 1997 and is a the three piece metal trio that combines a variety of vocal styling’s ranging from full on screaming to scattered rants combined with ferocious instrumentation. “Trade Of Chains” features 10 new tracks that are being released via Jason Z.’s Turkey Vulture Records.

I was definitely interested in checking out the newest album by NIHM. After finding out they are originally from Buffalo, NY an area close to my home I was even a little more intrigued. What I found on this recording was an at times manic flow that really amped up the intensity of each song contained on “Trade Of Chains”. I really enjoyed the spontaneity of each track however I was more a fan on songs like “A.F.R” and “Don’t Go Outside” which featured more traditional arrangements.

“Trade Of Chains” is not a bad album as the group has a sound that is different from a lot of other bands in this genre. At times it felt as though the vocals where a bit rushed which in my opinion seemed to rush the song. This could have been done on purpose as it does give the bands an overall different feel that I am sure some listeners will enjoy.

Track Listing:
1.)    Anon
2.)    Ties
3.)    Holecloser
4.)    A.F.R.
5.)    An Unkind
6.)    Don’t Go Outside
7.)    Ape
8.)    In Your Debt
9.)    My Sweet Oblivion
10.)   Put You Down

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