Concert Review: I’m Alive Tour – Rochester, NY

Featuring: We Came As Romans, Miss May I, Of Mice And Men, Texas In July
and Close To Home
Date: Friday, October 14th 2011
Venue: Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The I’M ALIVE tour featuring We Came As Romans, Miss May I, Of Mice And Men, Texas In July and Close To Home wrapped up its month long run in Rochester, NY on Oct. 14th. The show was held at the legendary Water Street Music Hall with the bands playing to a near capacity crowd. It was a predominately younger crowd for the metal-core tour package which featured a solid line up of today’s upcoming acts. The Michigan based band We Came As Romans were billed as the headlining act. The band is out touring in support of their newest release titled “Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be”. The album was released in Mid-September via Equal Vision Records.

Close To Home kicked off the night with a brief set which in my opinion was the spark that started off the night. The band played a tight set which got the crowd going from the first note. Texas In July took the stage next and provided a solid performance. Though there seemed to be little interaction between the crowd and the band the performance was still on point. Of Mice and Men were next and proved to be the catalyst that stepped the concert up a notch. OMAM vocalist Austin Carlile brought his A game which the crowd recognized by crowd surfing Carlile from the stage to the rear of the venue as the bands set came to a close. The Ohio based Miss May I were up next and continued to throw gasoline on the fire as an attempt was made to crowd surf 100 people over the security barricade. Last to take the stage was We Came As Romans. The band played song a variety of songs of their latest release as well as the bands 2009 release “To Plant A Seed. Despite being the last night of the tour We Came As Romans and all the other bands on the tour put on a great show.

Even though the venue seemed to be unprepared for the amount of fans wanting to get into the show each band put on a solid performance that made standing in the rain for almost 2 hours worth it. Of Mice and Men really put on a stellar performance that not only musically sounded good but seemed to really invoke the crowd into a rabid frenzy. By the time headliners We Came As Romans hit the stage the club was bursting with energy and people. At times throughout the set you could feel the club shake as fans moved from side to side. Water Street Music Hall despite the slowness of the ticket taking process is still a great place to see a show and, if you get a chance to see any of the bands featured on the I’M ALIVE tour definitely check them out as you won’t be disappointed!

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