CD Review: The Jigsaw Seen “Winterland”

The Jigsaw Seen
It’s Alive! Media
10 tracks
30 minutes

Our Score: 2 out 5 stars

I am sorry to say this but from the first note on the CD, I knew I wasn’t going to like this album. This album tells a story which showcases the group’s take on the season. The leader singer, Dennis Davison voice is very mellow and a little winy especially in the first track “What about Christmas?”. I can see his voice really kicking some ass perhaps with some much faster music. I think the most exciting part of this album is the insert page with its paper snow surprise.

One song that I did in enjoy is “Candy Cane”, it is faster pace and has a good beat. “Circle of Steel”, I thought sounded like a like a total rip off of Gordon Lightfoot song but it turns out it in fact IS a Gordon Lightfoot song. “Christmas Behind Me” sounds like it belongs in a western film. “December” is instrumental and runs less than two minutes. Overall nothing really jumps out as extraordinary on this disc.

I should also point out that I am bit of holiday music snob as I love good holiday themed music. This doesn’t capture the holiday spirit at all and leave you wanting to listen to real Christmas music. The album is also very short and only runs about 30 minutes. If you want to check out a great new folk Christmas album this Holiday season, check out She & Him: “A Very She & Him Christmas”. It is amazing. This one not so much.

Track list:
1. What about Christmas?
2. December
3. Snow Angels of Pigtown
4. Woman Loves the Season
5. Candy Cane
6. Circle of Steel
7. Christmas Behind Me
8. First Day of the New Year
9. Dreams of Spring
10. Winterland’s Gone

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