Major Giveaway: “The Boondock Saints II” Official Screen Used Props [ENDED]


Media Mikes are big fans of “The Boondocks Saints” series. We recently had a chance to interview Sean Patrick Flanery. Click here to read our “The Boondock Saints” interview series. We are mega proud to offer you the following giveaway of OFFICIAL SCREEN USED PROPS from the Silver Peso shoot-out scene in “The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day”. All of these items are backed by a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY SIGNED BY DIRECTOR TROY DUFFY. If you would like to win these great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email and let us know your favorite character from the “Boondock” series. This giveaway will be open until Thursday September 15th at Noon, Eastern Time and is only open to residents of the United States. Only one entry per person, per household; all other entries will be considered invalid. Once the giveaway ends, Movie Mikes will randomly pick out ONE winner and alert via email.

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162 Replies to “Major Giveaway: “The Boondock Saints II” Official Screen Used Props [ENDED]”

  1. Gotta be Rocco

    “Real men hide their feelings…why?! Because it’s NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS”

  2. The MacManus brothers, even though they’re two characters, are my favorite. The Boys (forever in capitals) make the movies, make the stories, make my *day*. 🙂

  3. Rocco of course!!

    Rocco: I killed your cat, you druggie bitch.
    Donna: God.
    Rayvie: What?
    Donna: Why?
    Rocco: I thought it would bring closure to our relationship.

    Best Line EVER!!!

  4. Detective Greenly has become my favorite. He’s really funny, and horny for “Special” Agent Bloom. I also like when he’s talking to the other cops about getting put in prison with all of the criminals they locked up. Too funny!

  5. Huge tie between Agent Smecker and Connor McManus. Smecker is awesome, but Connor’s so good looking… Hard to pick. But those are my choices.

  6. best actor has got to be David Della Rocco. funniest S.O.B ive seen and one hell of an actor. fit the role so well they didn’t need to give his character another name

  7. My favorite people of the Boondock Series would be Detective Greenly for how he can make the most funny irrational thoughts about the crime scenes in the first movie. And of course the McManus brothers Connor and Murphy, funny, witty and action-packed!

  8. Bob Marley (Detective Greenley) was my favorite actor in the series. His comedy is amazing and he seem’s to be a fun ass dude to be around.

  9. I’m a big fan of Il Duce, Billy Connolly gave a flawless performance, especially with his meaningful silence and cold stares from behind the sunglasses that are as dark as two black holes.

  10. My favorite character from the boondock saints would probably have to be Connor, his accent is dead on, and im irish as well and its perfect. he always knows what to do and what to say in every situation and doesnt hurt that he is gorgeous 🙂 i have been a die-hard boondocks fan from the beginning, i love the story line and all the characters in the series, they are my all-time favorite movies and i cant wait to find out if they are making a 3rd one 🙂 never really won anything before and im glad i have some form of a chance to win something like this. these movies are legendary and they are classics and will be remembered in years to come. so thank you very much and continue to keep up the good work 🙂 i will always love the boondock saints and they will be loved forever. 🙂

  11. holy shie a give away or used props i got to have the bondock saints 1 and 2 ae by far the 2 best moviies troy duffy is a master mind. i have veritas aequitas tattooed tottooed on my arm

  12. Murphy, of course! He’s got the best lines in both movies.
    “And don’t cross the road if you can’t get out of the kitchen.”
    “We’re sorta like 7-Eleven. We’re not always doing business, but we’re always open. ”
    And my personal favorite: “I can’t believe that just fucking happened!”

    And who can forget when the brothers wake up after the dream, and Murphy has that oh-so sexy look on his face in which every girl, everywhere, fell in love with Irish men.

  13. Boondock saints are phenomenal and my favorite caracter has got to be The Duke. Just can’t get past that six-holster gun vest.

  14. My favorite character is Rocco( David Della Rocco) from the first movie because of that one scene in the movie where he kills the cat and ask is it dead. Rocco did a excellent job in playing his in the movie.

  15. Connor MacManus (Sean Patrick Flanery) I really liked the characters sense of humor and I think Sean did a great job acting.

  16. Il Duce, Noah, really stole the show when it came to BDS2 , the background story of him and Louie, The Roman was absolutely amazing, I was on the edge of my seat. How brilliant this, crippled Italian American was and yet how much of a master mind he could be, and how Noah was his weapon, in the past and still as they were older, using the sons. I cant describe how incredible Louie’s role was as well, with his lines, and subtle background role till he came up in the end, and their final back and forth was amazing, don’t get me wrong I love the brothers so fuckin much, as well as all the others, I could go on and on, I really could Smecker’s the fuckin MAN and only could be replaced by a bad ass WOman, and Rocco <3 and Romeo oh my GOD I love them all but damn Noah and Louie were so intense and I couldn't have cried harder when they died.

    I'd die to win even a single prop from the movie, and I really hope selling off these pros doesnt mean no third movie, or maybe its to raise money for it, either way brilliance in a HARD ON COCK ROCKIN BOX is what these movies and characters are! Pick this Mc-Whop for a piece of a legendary film! Please!

  17. It’s hard to pick a favorite character, but I think Paul Smecker would be mine. Willem Defoe gives everything to the character, and all his roles, and it’s fantastic. Il Duce is a close second. I love Billy Connolly, too.

  18. I would have to say that my favorite character (apart from the MacManus brothers themselves) would be Noah “Il Duce” MacManus – played by Billy Connolly. I was so surprised to see how different the actor was from the character he played, a real testament to his ability. I enjoyed the chemistry between Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery and Billy Connolly in both movies. I know that I am not the only one who would love to see Boondock Saints III !!

  19. Norman and sean are amazing, the movie was action packed and I can’t wait tell #3. My son showed me Boondocks saints and I was a fan from the begining. Would luv to win a real prop from the movie.

  20. i like romeo (clifton collins jr) to win anything from these movies would be awsome can’t wait for the directors cut of the second one and can’t wait to see if a third comes out i will deff go see it and then buy it. i watch one and two at least once a week.

  21. Fav character is hard to pick….. With the brothers, greenbeans, the mexican, rocco, that frickin cat….. But for me it’s gotta be “Fuck Ass” so why don’t you act like a tree and get the fuck out of here?

  22. Agent Smecker is by far the greatest character from the BDS movies (Other than Murphy and Connor of course) They could not have chosen a better actor for that part than Willem. His surprise appearance in the ASD made the movie epic!

  23. Murphy is my favourite. He’s quiet, but always has a great one-liner. The brothers are the whole basis of the movie, and I love them each individually, but he’s the one that I always pay the most attention to.

  24. Detective Greenly, Doc, Romeo, Rocco, Conor, Murphy; I love ’em all!! The whole cast is absolutely awesome!

  25. Connor MacManus, he is funny, charming, badass, and tough, but he shows loyalty for Murphy and his dad plus to Rocco and Romeo. To me he is the whole package in this deal. Plus he is cute. 🙂 Also he seems to be a genuine loveable good-guy.

  26. This is such a great movie I watched it a couple of times. I cannot wait until a third movie comes out. I enjoy it so much. I need to bou the movies so I would be able to watch it anytime I choose too.

  27. It’s too hard to choose between them, but the brothers are my favorite. I even have the veritas/aequitas tattoos on my hands 🙂

  28. Oh man! How do I pick only one? I love ’em all!
    Seriously though….I have to agree with the above posters. I love Billy Connolly. If you have not yet seen his stand up, you have to watch, it is hilarious! I’d give pretty much anything to meet such a great mind in person.
    But this is about his character ll Duce right? I immensely enjoyed learning his back-story in All Saints Day. In BDS he was such an intimidating character, being rolled out with the guards, the chains, and the cage. Finding out how he got in that position was heartbreaking. He seemed to be such a hard shell after all he’d been through, yet when it comes to his boys he is such a softy.
    Plus Billy Connolly/ll duce is the Man! You just can’t dispute that!
    I know we are only supposed to pick one, but I have to give the Boys mom an honorable mention! I only hope I am so bad ass when I am an old crone!!

    Mom: The one with the bigger cock. (erupts into laughter and hangs up the phone)
    Connor: What? What the fuck is that? That’s your fucking mother talking like that!
    Murphy: That’s your fucking mother.
    Connor: Fuckin’ hell!

    Anyway, I know this is a random draw, But I hope I win!! Every paycheck I by one thing from the BDS store, and would love to win some props! And my fiance is a huge Stephen King fan. It’d be an honor to see him in person.

  29. Favorite character? Agent Paul Maximilian Smecker. No man could pull off drag better than him!!!

  30. I’d have to say, besides the brothers (obvious one there…) Doc is my favorite character. I love his personality, and the way he mixes up sayings. He reminds me of one of my grandpa’s. I’d love to know more about his character, he seems like he’d have such a great back story…but alas, I have to make one up for him right now.

    He’s one of my favorite characters and I really hope they can make another movie some time…either way though, BDS and BDS:II are two of my all time favorite movies. =)

  31. I love the series and can’t wait for the third installment. My favorite character would have to be rocco. I just think he had some of the best lines. And all of his emotions were to the extreme and I think it made his character much more exciting to watch, as well as make it so much harder to lose him.

  32. i like all the characters of the movie it does not matter i just to hope and WIN props from the greatest movie in the world.

  33. The Boondock Saint’s movies ~ I & II are the best since “The Outsiders”
    I Love ‘MY’ twins!! They are sexy, talented & act just like real brothers.
    I miss the entire cast! For some reason they feel like family. I even named one of my kitties after Rocco.
    At least I get to see Sean Patrick Flanery everyday on ‘The Young & The Restless’
    I would give almost anything to find a guy like “Sam”/ “Connor”! A real man!! The kind of man I dream about!!

    It would truly be the gift of a life time to receive something from the movie of course dinner with Sean would be the ultimate!!!!!!

  34. Murphy MacManus (Norman Reedus) cause he is a awesome actor and does a really good job doing his role

  35. Romeo kind of stole the show for me “Ding motha fuckin dong” Much like Rocco stole the first one. The Saints are of coarse amazing in both movies, But Rocco and Romeo had the best lines. Every major city is still a wish of mine. I am tired of waiting for one of these ass wiping crack pipin sons a bitches to take a shot at me! I would love to own a peice of my favorite movie series of all time, including Star Wars which was the first movie I ever saw.

  36. Conner is by far the best character. He is charismatic, funny, has ingenious plans and the best part being how he cares more for his brother than himself.

  37. My favorite is and will always be Murphy. But then again I’ve always been such a huge Norman reedus fan so really whomever he plays will always be my favorite character. A little biased perhaps. 🙂 but you really can’t beat his looks, his sarcasm, his wit, and charm. What a great choice for murph! Boondock Saints will be and has always been one of my top top movies of all time and then to give us a second chance to see my favorite actor in this awesome role was just way too much!!!! I love love love the entire cast but especially murph!!!

  38. My favorite character feom BDS2 is a tie between Special Agent Bloom and Murphy Mc Mannas, Murphys my angel with a dirty face. And Bloom made the FBI look good.

  39. Murphy MacManus, aka Norman Reedus.
    Probably the most badass character with the best timed, badboy-tempered phrases that really stick with you. I love the Boondock Saints series and have for years. I never stop watching it and the actors are just amazing, but Murphy is indeed, the best. I’m such a huge fan! Please pick this Irish woman who lives in Boston!
    “Erin go Braugh? What the f*** does that mean?”
    “It’s Irish, for ‘you’re f***ed’!”

  40. David Della Rocco, he had an extremely short part in this movie, but there are times where I’m feeling doubtful or unsure and I just listen to the speech he gives the boys on everything the american people are, and what it is that makes a man….and then I INSTANTLY feel better. Speaking of which im gonna watch that scene right now.

  41. I hope I’m doing this right. I love the saints and would love to win something. Thanks, anita

  42. Wow! All the cast are fantastic! But I choose Murphy MacManus, because he delivers some of the best phrases, gotta love him!

  43. My son is a big movie buff,he would love this,thanks for the chance

  44. My favorite character is Murphy MacManus. In the first movie he is the calm balance to Connor’s more hotheaded nature, and in the second movie he really comes into his own as a character. It also helps that Norman Reedus is an amazing actor, and a super nice guy.

  45. My favorite movies! If I had to pick a favorite I would say Il Duce, but I like them all 🙂

  46. My favorite character from the Boondock Saints is definitely Sean Patrick Flanery!!! Amazing movies. I remember my friends and I from high school would always watch the first movie every weekend! LOVE IT!

  47. It’s too hard to pick one favorite, but if I can’t pick them all… what’s the old man’s name who owns the bar? Fuck- ass! I can’t remember.

  48. this is an awsome sweepstakes, The Boondock Saints II Screen props.
    Thanks for the chance.

  49. Murphy McManus was my favorite pleaseeeeee pick me my favorite all time movie please please pick me

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