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Steve Hackett is probably best known for his work with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Genesis. Hackett played guitar for the group during what could be argued as one of the bands most successful periods. Steve has just released a new solo album titled “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon” and we caught up with him to discuss the new album

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us a little bit about the new album “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon”?
Steve Hackett: It’s a virtual voyage, a musical continuum. Several of the tracks bridge and segue into each other, carrying themes back and forth over the whole construction. It’s a journey into both inner and outer space, from the shores of Loch Lomond through a number of exotic locations to the limits of our solar system and beyond.

AL: Do you have a favorite track from the new album and why?
SH: For guitar playing my favorite is “The Phoenix Flown” I felt each note of that song so passionately. It has a charge all of its own and a sense of liberation and renewed energy.

 AL: How did you go about getting Chris Squire involved with the album?
SH: Chris and I have worked on a number of projects together, especially in recent years. We share many of the same musical friends and we work very naturally with each other in a spontaneous, enthusiastic way. I was also thrilled that Simon Phillips played on the album too.

AL: How do you think this album compares to your previous albums?
SH: I think the production is the best I’ve ever been involved with. I also feel it’s the best vocals I’ve ever produced, running the whole gamut of vocal styles from ballads to country to rock and blues. It has the most diverse material I’ve ever attempted. It takes the spirit of my previous album “Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth” on a further journey.

AL: What was it like being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
SH: I felt thrilled and honored to be in such exalted company along with many of my own heroes and influences.

AL: Any other upcoming plans? (releases/touring)
SH: I’ll be touring in Europe and the UK this autumn and winter. I’m intending to tour in the States and Canada with material from the new album, along with past numbers both solo and Genesis in June / July 2012! Negotiations are in process and the goat entrails are being consulted. In addition, Chris Squire and I have a project called “Squackett” which is potentially due for release in the early part of next year.

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