CD Review: Steve Hackett “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon”

Steve Hackett
“Beyond the Shrouded Horizon”
Inside Out Music
Producer: Steve Hackett/Roger King
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 3 out of 5

“Beyond the Shrouded Horizon” is the latest release from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steve Hackett. Hackett a former member of the group Genesis has been releasing solo albums since before his departure from the group in 1977. “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon” will be Steve’s 20th solo studio album. The album is being released by Inside Out Music and features an array of sounds and special guest appearance by peoples such as Chris Squire and Simon Phillips. The album features 13 new tracks and is the follow up release to Hackett’s 2009 release “Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth”.

“Beyond the Shrouded Horizon” is a very detailed album. Hackett’s playing on the 13 tracks contained within the album is very refined and spot on. Though the songs all feature vast arrangements with a variety of instruments I was drawn instantly to the guitars. Tracks like “The Phoenix Flown” and “Catwalk” a very sleazy feeling type song with a great solid groove are just a couple gems found on “Beyond the Shrouded Horizon”. Though the albums tracks may have a little too much going on for casual listeners the album is still a pretty good listen

Track Listing:
1.)    Loch Lomond
2.)    The Phoenix Flown
3.)    Wanderlust
4.)    Til These Eyes
5.)    Prairie Angel
6.)    A Place Called Freedom
7.)    Between the Sunset and the Coconut Palms
8.)    Waking the Life
9.)    Two Faces of Cairo
10.)  Looking for Fantasy
11.)  Summers Breath
12.)  Catwalk
13.) Turn This Island Earth

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