Concert Review: Foo Fighters “Wasting Light Tour 2011”

“Wasting Light Tour 2011”
Foo Fighters, Rise Against, Mariachi El Bronx
Date: Sunday, September 25th 2011
Venue: First Niagara Center Buffalo, NY

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Foo Fighters, Rise Against and Mariachi El Bronx played the newly renamed First Niagara Center (formerly HSBC Arena) in downtown Buffalo on September 25th to a capacity crowd in support of the Foo Fighters latest album release titled ‘”Wasting Light”. Mariachi El Bronx took the stage first and baffled the audience with their full on mariachi performance complete with outfits that appeared to be straight out of a Cinco De Mayo parade. The group played a brief lackluster 30 minute set which was more than enough for the crowd as well as for front man Matt Caughthran who aptly announced that he was extremely drunk.

Next to take the stage was the Chicago area band Rise Against who despite sound issues related to the PA provided a high energy performance. The band played a variety song which included “Re-Education (Through Labor) and the fan favorite Savior which are both from the bands “Appeal to reason” album. Even though problems with the PA caused lead singer Tim Mcllrath’s vocals to sound like he had a mouth full of marbles the band still put on a performance that made you want to jump up and pump your fist to the catchy sing along choruses.

Last to take the stage and entertain the now capacity crowd were the Foo Fighters. As the house lights went out the crowd was instantly on their feet a spot where they would remain for the next two and a half hours. Dave Grohl and the band treated concert goers to hit after hit playing fan favorites such as “Monkey Wrench”, “My Hero” and “Learning to Fly”. The set also feature a variety of songs off the band’s latest album “Wasting Light”. Songs such as “White Limo”, “Walk”, and “Rope” followed suit and fit right in with the classic tracks complied from the bands 16 year career. The big highlights in the set and of the night came when Grohl mentioned the 20th anniversary of his previous band Nirvana’s landmark album “Nevermind”. As the crowd roared with appreciation Grohl brought out special guest fellow Nirvana band member Krist Novoselic who would go on to play accordion on the track “Skin and Bones”. This truly was a treat for fans as Novoselic has made very few appearances since the suicide of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. From there the band took it to a whole new level belting out a stunning rendition of Pink Floyd’s “In The Flesh” complete with lasers which shot out from the stage and only added to the already impressive light show. The band also performed the Tom Petty classic “Break Down” which instantly turned into a singing match between the band and the crowd. To cap of an already stellar evening Grohl performed three acoustic tracks which included “Best of You” before returning to the stage to perform “Everlong” like only the Foo Fighter could.

Despite rough starts by both opening acts the Foo Fighters really brought it to the Buffalo crowd. More and more these days you see less and less bands touring or putting on a quality show that compares to the extremely high ticket prices. Yes the price of tickets were high for this show however Foo Fighters fully made up for that by playing a two and half hour set that was so spot on it was if you were listening to the album. Combine the stellar performance of the band with a state of the art light system which even incorporated the floor of the stage into the production and you have only half of what the Foo Fighters offer. If the group comes even remotely close to your town or city pay the money and drive the distance as shows like this are a very rare occurrence.

Rise Against Set List:
1.)    Re-Education (Through Labor)
2.)    The Good Left Undone
3.)    Satellite
4.)    Audience of One
5.)    Ready to Fall
6.)    Make it Stop (September’s Children)
7.)    Help is on the Way
8.)    Prayer of the Refugee
9.)    Give it All
10.) Savior

Foo Fighters Set List:
1.)    Bridge Burning
2.)    Rope
3.)    The Pretender
4.)    My Hero
5.)    Learn to Fly
6.)    White Limo
7.)    Arlandria
8.)    Breakout
9.)    Cold in the Sun
10.)  Stacked Actors
11.)  Walk
12.)  Monkey Wrench
13.)  Let it Die
14.)  These Days
15.)  Skin and Bones (w/ Krist Novoselic)
16.)  This is a Call
17.)  In The Flesh (Pink Floyd Cover)
18.)  All My Life

19.)  Long Road to Ruin (Acoustic)
20.)  Best of You (Acoustic)
21.)  Times Like These (Acoustic)
22.)  Dear Rosemary
23.)  Breakdown (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Cover)
24.)  Everlong

5 Replies to “Concert Review: Foo Fighters “Wasting Light Tour 2011””

  1. I too was at the show last night…great show….a few times it it slowed down to much when Grohl would drag out a song and do a little solo on the elevated stage. When he rejoined it I had almost forgotten what the song was that he started. minor complaint though. My biggest complaint was having Chris Novoselic ONLY doing accordion on “Skin and Bones”…..would have loved to have heard the lead into “Come as you are” or a WHOLE Nirvana song. On the 20th Anniversary of Nevermind……that would have blown me away!! Wasted Light?? Wasted opportunity…Having said that, it really was a great show..worth the money.

  2. Krist actually played the song prior to Skin and Bones as well but he was playing from the side of the stage which was a bummer. I do agree there were some parts that did drag out especially the 10 minute introduction of the band I mean come on we all know who the band is lol. Great show though hands down. Thanks for the comment

  3. Saw the same show in Columbus, Ohio a few days earlier. I agree completely with your review. Mariachi el Bronx was more annoying than anything, and their sound system sounded like an old AM radio. Rise Against was better, and the Foos absolutely took it to the wall. Worth every penny.

  4. Highlight of the night was when they played Pink Floyds “In the flesh”…..was thrilled to see them on Jimmy Fallon last night playing the same song with Roger Waters. Nailed it!!!

  5. Great performance on Jimmy Fallon! I would have liked to have heard Taylor sing it again though. The Foo Fighters are at the top of their game and to be able to go out almost every night and play over 2 hrs. of music as well as they do proves it.

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